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Danger Girl: The Chase #2

Cover to IDW's Danger Girl: The Chase #2 by Andy Hartnell and Harvey Taliboa!
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This rough style of yours is so awesome, Im really loving your stuff!
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very kool .... what's with the pony.......?   new this year?.....
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is it just me or is the arm not actually coming forward in the way shes looking? Like she's looking forward but shooting to the left.
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She's posing for you.
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Wow. Love this cover!!
Love it! Archer fan myself so it instantly caught my eye! 

Your work is nicely detailed, i will definitely be going through more!!!
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Dude, that is SUPER creative, good job man!
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Yup. Out of the park.
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I believe I own a pair of pants just like those :)
Beautiful cover, Dan. Really diggin´ the composition.
Another winna´
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Beautiful illustration.
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Ok.. that's just groovy!
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Love her pants....and the rest of course!
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Nice ! And thé bow reminds me the one in tomb raider ^^
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looks awesome!  :nod:
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What ~Linguanerd said. :)

It's a pet peeve of mine having helped my Dad with his Archery store for the better part of my youth.

It's akin to how Hollywood portrays artists on-screen.

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