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Blade Runner Tootsie Pop

My friend and art collector, Ben DeFeo [ @bendefeo on Twitter ], has a unique sketchbook. It's all food related and there's some very funny sketches in his book by some amazing artists.

The general food theme seems to surround women and I've been seeing this looney book being passed around for a year now. At the 2012 Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC - Ben asked me for a watercolor commission. I was pretty thrilled to be a part of this sketchbook.

I'm not sure why my chocolate landed in this particular jar of peanut butter- but I hope Ben digs this concept.

Click this [link] to watch the TV commercial that inspired this drawing and this [link] to watch the Blade Runner scene that stayed with me all these years. Sean Young's character, Rachael, kinda ruined me.

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LOL!! WT?!?! this is so beyond awesome!!! hahaha :lol:
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Ha! Glad you dig it!
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incredible. the cosmic tootsie roll owl
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My pleasure. Keep up the great work. :)
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What a brilliant mash-up. Great thinking, and great inking! I love her hair.
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This looks great! As a kid, I always thought of the old commercial, "If it was only more like Blade Runner..."

Done. ;)
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I suppose we have all thought that at some point...! ;)
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This is great! Love it!
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Thanks LittleJohn!
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Deadly Dan! Ooooooh Rachael =D
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That's fucking awesome man!
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That is my favorite movie and I already enjoy your Conan art so this to me is probably the coolest thing I have seen in all my life. You did her hair very well, Love it! Nice Job!
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