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Batwoman cover

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Awesome stuff Dan!
Steele67's avatar
Such a Gear Head :D (Big Grin) 
nelsondaniel's avatar
Simply awesome!!!!!
Baetones's avatar
I could easily accept this as a comic cover. It's really good and very stylistic. 
urban-barbarian's avatar
Well you're in luck!  It is indeed a Batwoman comic book cover for DC Comics no less!  Thanks!
Most cool! I hope you were well paid as you earned it.
urban-barbarian's avatar
Decently.  I would certainly accept more if they offered it.  :)
wildpegasus13's avatar
Channeling your inner Dave Johnson, I see. Or maybe Dave channels his inner you. Very cool design.
line-melte's avatar
oho, that looks like it was maddening to draw =p
WWBitArt's avatar
Wow, stunning!
Almayer's avatar
Wonderful Dan!
Shadewolfe's avatar
Well, at this point we all kind of knew Kassandra Kane had a gear or two that slipped on occasion.  ;)
a-really-angry-queer's avatar
It’s not Cassandra Cain (Orphan), the character pictured here is Kate Kane (Batwoman)
Shadewolfe's avatar
Geez the Bat Family has gotten big.  Didn't know someone new was wearing that costume.
a-really-angry-queer's avatar
Cassandra Cain never wore that costume. Kate Kane is the only one fo have worn it.
NRGComics's avatar
Man, I gotta admire your skill. How hard was it to draw all of those gears?
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Fantastic cover! I really love the concept behind this, with the red gears and all :D
Sketchy-Chocoholic's avatar
Very nice effects and textures, unique and interesting concept. A lot of reds and warm tones. Very good!
RandySiplon's avatar
Great as always. What media did you use or is it digital?
urban-barbarian's avatar
It's hand drawn but digitally colored.  Thanks!
hyperjack08's avatar
loved this when I caught it on instagram.....nice work!
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