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Batman: Arkham Knight Cover

Not sure which issue this will be but it's the new Scarecrow...  With a new hat...
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Sinister and good.
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If I can find this cover, it may be the fist DC comic I've bought in years. Great art!
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creepy batman!
 more than normally, actually... congrats!
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"Pretty....pretty, pretty, pretty.." badass

(if you've never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, well, that quote is lost on you.)
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Nice! Eye-catching cover.
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That is super creepy!
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more textures please-Amaze balls AHHHHHHHHhhhhhh gan
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That is a genius cover, man. Love it!

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creepy.  I like it
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Unreal! Nice work, Dan! Are you supplying all the covers for this book?
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I think there's a Pokemon called zombat, so you'll have to be zombruce. But your ninja skills can only be amplified by your lust for brains; so you're still gonna rock my nightmares.

Great work, btw; A++!
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I saw that daddy posted this on his facebook! simply wonderful! :D
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You're truly my hero,Dan!
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Bloody intense! I like it =D
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