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Artemisia I of Caria - Battle of Salamis 480 BCE



It's Queen Artemisia of Caria, the Woman who personally contributed and led her 5 ships for the Persian Navy in the battle of Battle of Artemisium and Battle of Salamis in the Second Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BCE.

After watching the movie 300:Rise of Empire, i feel like portraying Queen Artemisia more accurately (though the movie itself was good) Emoji06

Regarded as being the first recorded female naval commander in the history, I believe she is one of the most famous Warrior Woman in the History :D. On the other hand, people often misunderstood her background. She was a Greek, a Dorian Greek to be exact, but NOT Persian. At that time, her realm was under the administration of Caria Satrapy of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, so she owed her allegiance to the Persian Emperor Xerxes.

Most of her writings came from Herodotus who praised her for her decisiveness and her intelligence, something which Xerxes himself admired. There's a lot of legends surrounding her figure though, from her "romantic" relationship to Xerxes I, to the her involvement in butchering the Coans...Whatever they maybe, no one could deny her existence and contribution during the Second Persian invasion of Greece; the proof was the ten thousand drachmas bounty on her offered by the Greek city states, apparently they found it intolerable for a woman to lead a campaign against Athens. :D

Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] Hope you've enjoyed my drawing! (It's pretty bad, I know....Emoji18 )

Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Buuut.... Thank you soo much for the faves and comments!
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Nice drawing. You did a good job with the armour