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Beginner Inkscape Map Tutorial

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Yay, I made a tutorial! This is for absolute beginners to Inkscape, so really anyone can try it!
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Thanks, sir! Really helped when I was into maps.

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I am trying to use the fill tool like this tutorial says but literally nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong?
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That moment when I read this again and see the steps I keep neglecting to do.
Luckily I can redeem myself with this one thing I'm working on right now.

The rivers be triggering my anxiety tho
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I just found out this, Many Thanks, 
Pachumaster's avatar
well, hello there. I wasn't expecting you here, but on hindsight, I should've seen it coming.
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I had been familiar with Inkscape for a while (as a web developer I love using SVGs for icons and such because of how nicely they zoom), but I used this tutorial as a way to organize my thoughts when I finally decided to start making maps myself.

Awesome walk-through!
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Sweet, your maps are amazing! ^_^
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Thank you for this! Will be linking to it on my first couple of maps.
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Thank you, feel free to show me what you made! I'd love to see 'em! :)
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very helpful to a user who so far only works in ps
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Very informative and helpful, I'll take note of these steps for later use. ・∀・
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Every time I try to make the Picture larger it doesn´t work :(
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Ah! I'm rather new to this, and I had been looking for something like this! Thanks!
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I'm quite experienced with Inkscape but I believe this tutorial can really help me in mapmaking.
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That looks like the best tutorial so far, maybe I give it a try and learn Inkscape too^^
Did you try several programms and recommend this one the most?
Upvoteanthology's avatar
I did, I definitely prefer Inkscape over things like Photoshop and Illustrator. :)
WewLad11's avatar
Why would you say Inkscape is better than Photoshop?
Arminius1871's avatar
Maybe I´ll give it a try, to honour your great tutorial, but first I must finish some other stuff XD
bolter21's avatar
I really want to give you a BJ now
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