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Stealing kisses as easily as cigarettes

Remus, you're welcome
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I feel like I'm commenting too much on your posts but oh well ig I might be overthinking this, but it almost looks like you've drawn Sirius as Thai or something and I have a bit of a Thai Sirius headcanon but no one else does and I'm like...? and now I'm rambling ok, bye 👋

I feel like this is the first time they kissed, hence the surprise. Was that the intention?

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I didn't necessarily see it as the first kiss, but it definitely was spontaneous and Remus did not expect that at all and got flustered! :D But it CAN be the first kiss too!

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The expression and hair are fantastic. But ewwwwww. Kissing a smoker?


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who am i to say how cigarettes work in a wizarding world *shrug* haha
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no surprise sirius would sneak attack remus with a kiss!
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Hey I really like the backgrounds on your drawings I was wondering either how you did them or where to download them
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If you go to my bio and find the link to my FAQ, you should be able to find the texture I use there :)
Your Wolfstar artwork is KILLING ME. *dies* 
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heheh Thank youuu!
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Sirius is the image of tranquility here, and Remus's face is epic! Great work with details, you never miss anything!
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*snickers*  Remus' face...
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Remus's expression is great and I adore the feeling you always draw in your art.
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ah I appreciate it!!
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you are most welcome :heart:
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Omg I love this. I do not ship wolfstar but they are ON POINT😍
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perfect! I love their expressions :)
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Ah this is great, this is so so so so so so so so gooooiiiioooooddddd!!!!
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Ah thank you!! <33
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So incredibly beautiful, you captured the emotion perfectly! I love this!
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Aw thank you, that's so nice to hear! <3
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