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Happier than he could remember being


"Harry found himself newly and happily impervious to gossip over the next few weeks. After all, it made a very nice change to be talked about because of something that was making him happier than he could remember being for a very long time”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 25, after Harry and Ginny’s first kiss

Background by Martyn Smith

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They look truly content, happy, and in love with one another in this scene. Ginny looks gorgeous as ever.
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I love your art!
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You tend to draw Harry rather darker than most people do. Any particular reason? Just curious.
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Odd that you say that! Because when I entered the fandom, most people were (and are) drawing Harry as POC, which is how I realized that when a character's race isn't explicitly stated, it doesn't mean it's white by default because that's rather racist. So I realized that I can imagine characters however I like (for example, portraying Harry as half Indian) and that's what I do :) You can read more about by standpoint in my FAQ (link in bio)
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I wouldn't say it's racist, it honestly depends on the region a specific character exists. For instance if someone were to have story in say Nigeria or Ethiopia, you would typically expect a character to be black, while there are while people in Africa, it is a majority black nation. With England, the country is about 90% white, so most people will immediately associate an English character as white if it isn't specifically described. I don't mind people race bending or having differing interpretations of characters, it's actually quite fascinating and your art in particular is quite beautiful. I myself have always had a preference towards dark skin, mostly from how I've grown up in a fairly diverse area, and I find it quite attractive.
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Yeah, I totally get your point! :) I'm just so fed up with people telling me I'm drawing characters "wrong" just because they pretend that this 10% you're implying doesn't exist. Sure it's uncommon, but if there's a world where magic exists, I'm sure a little more diversity isn't that big of a plot hole haha Besides, it's my imagination, and I do whatever I want with it as long as it's not causing any direct harm to anyone! ^^ 
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Exactly, everyone has their own interpretation of how a character looks, and honestly that kind of thing is pretty cool, as people can come up with so many different designs and such. For example, I was reading a young adult novel at the same time as one of my friends a few years ago, and I saw the main character as a black girl with an afro, my friend saw her as a freckled red head (the book surprisingly never really got very detailed in how the character looks).
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I see, cool! And you're right, that unless a character is specifically stated as being a certain race, we can imagine them as anything we want. And sometimes, even adaptations will cast people of color as previously white characters, and their acting prowess will be just so fantastic, that you don't even notice or care.
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That Ginny of yours is very cute Love Love Love 

When I read fanfics I always trying to imagine her not looking like Bonny Wright, and I just cannot do it *facepalm* 

Thank you for THIS Ginny !!
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haha I'm glad you like my Ginny!! <3
I like Bonny, as an actress she's pretty and very charismatic, but she didn't seem to get Ginny right on screen, sadly :/
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This is so natural and sweet! I love they together, this perfectly like I imagine them:) (Smile) 
Awesome background, you're always a master with details!
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I love how you drew their facial
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This is stupendously well done! Your Ginny is the one I imagine in the books, the freckles and the expression is perfect. Your Harry is also phenomenal. Absolutely incredible job!
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Aw that's awesome, I'm flattered!! Thank you! <3
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Very interesting. I always preferred and hoped for Harry with Hermione when I used to be a fan, but this is awesomely done. I love the coloring and detail. Kudos to you! :clap:
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Of course, you're more than welcome. :wave: Drop by my gallery sometime!
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Love your harry potter art your style is cool they are so beautiful
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Thank you so much!! <3
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So so so much love F2U: Light Purple Neko Blob Icon 
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