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Gryffindor x Slytherin

Fact: Gryffindor and Slytherin trios are gay and in love with each other, sorry I don't make the rules *shrug*
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New Harry Potter fan here, can some please tell me why Harry's skin is so dark in most fanart I see? I'm genuinely confused and I wanna educate myself a little more.

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That's just a popular headcanon in the fandom :) Many enjoy imagining his as a mixed race person of color, usually half-desi (e.g. half-Indian) or half-African. It makes the "cast" feel more inclusive to kids across the world and also adds extra depth to Harry's character in a variety of ways. But yeah, that's just a fan take on Harry :) Hope that helps.

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Wow this is sooooo! goog draco looks so good and just wowowowowowowowow

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Love this drawing! They look so good and exactly how I imagined them.

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ok, that's it-I love you and your art.
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I adore Blaise's face!!!! I adore all of it really, but I like this.... like... I don't kow. It's just fantastic!
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haha thank you!! Ron likes Blaise's face too :D
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I'm sure he does... I'm sure he dores.  :smirknod: 
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gorgeous! this is probably my favourite hermione ever - just the way i imagine her!
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eek! thank you maja!!
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Absolutely Gorgeous!!! And, as always, you have opened up new possibilities for the broomclosets in my mind. (^_^) 
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hahah no regrets! :D Thank you!
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This is absolutely amazing, you caught the charaters in the best way!
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I appreciate it a lot!!
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asdefrgthzj, I had no idea I needed this but I absolutely love it! <3
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yay! Thank you!! :3
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This is so amazing <'3 I love the idea of the various pairs trying to get away from the rest of the trio to share a few kisses in a distant corner :D
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omg haha that totally happened :D
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