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uppuN's HP Art meme

By uppuN
Harry Potter meme!

All questions are Harry Potter related.
Anyone who want's can fill it ^^

Please note me here if you do this, I would love to see them :D

(Thank you for doing it, I think I have seen all of them so far. I'm sorry if I don't reply for everyone, there's just so many, I hope you understand :3 )

Harry Potter meme 2:
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 Can I copy your questions onto a peice of paper and awnser them there? I don't have a tablet and it would be really hard if i used Paint... Thanks!
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I did it too ! Thanks for making this meme ^^
HP meme by BlackLemonJuice
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I did it! Harry Potter Art Meme

Reading the other ones over, there sure are a lot of Slytherins on DA. We got any Eagles in the house?
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No, but there's a Badger right under your eyes ! :3
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Good to meet you!
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hey i'm quite late but i did your meme it was super fun!! thank you for making it!!!
meme on me 
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Hey ^^ i would like to do this but i can't do digital art.. Would it be ok to draw the questions and upload it here?
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It's exhaustive, but here's what I came up with before I had a tablet. You'll need GIMP, Microsoft Paint, a computer (obviously), a scanner, a printer, and your art supplies.

1. Download (or copy/paste) the empty meme onto a Paint document.
2. Create a SEPARATE Paint document for each question. So if there are 10 questions you have 10 documents.
3. Print out all the documents.
4. Fill them out.
5. Scan them onto the computer.
6. Import them into Paint again (you'll need to do some resizing, at least you will if you use Windows Fax and Scan like I did).
7. Import the empty meme into GIMP.
8. Put the answered questions onto the GIMP file as layers.
9. Your meme is done!

Here's an example of a meme I did that way: Sparklings Meme
Beware, the art is quite bad. It's kind of embarrassing.
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Just a question. I have a Chromebook and I want to TRY to do the meme but it won´t let me. Do you have any advice?
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Let me see what I can do...

As far as I know, you can't download MS Paint on Chromebook, which makes it a bit difficult. (I draw on MS Freshpaint but I do formatting, including formatting for memes and comics, on MS Paint.) I don't know what program you use to draw but I'm assuming you don't use Paint if you drew your drawings on your here is my advice. I would draw the drawings on your Chromebook, then save them as .png or .jpg files. Chances are you have a friend who has a PC, or if not the library computers are usually PCs. In that case you can send the .jpg/.png files to yourself, then open them on MS Paint on friend or library PC. As far as I know, MS Paint can open any .jpg or .png file (not completely sure if they came from another program). Remember that if you email to yourself and then open them on a different computer, according to MS file tree system the pictures are going to be in the Downloads folder, not Pictures. You can move them to Pictures by clicking and dragging (as I'm sure you know) and then if all goes well, you can enter MS Paint. MS Paint opens anything from the Pictures folder as far as I know. If not, you might be able to open it a different way (maybe as a PDF), then copy and paste onto a blank MS Paint document. Then, here is how I format memes nowadays:

1. Draw all pictures/meme answers digitally. Make sure you draw them in separate documents. (I do this on MS Freshpaint, but you can use whatever program you're using now.)
2. Download the meme from DA, and open it in MS Paint. (I do it by copying and pasting.)
3. Import your drawings from your chosen art program into MS Paint as separate files, NOT directly onto the meme. When they're open, crop them as needed, then copy and paste them onto the meme. Resize as needed, but remember you can also add extra space by using the Select Tool!
4. Save the meme and upload!

So you'll basically be doing the same thing I do now, as I draw my pictures in a completely different program but format in MS Paint. All you have to do is, instead of directly importing your drawings into MS Paint, you just have to save them as picture files, email them to yourself (or put them on a flash drive) and format on somebody else's PC. There might be a way to format on the Chromebook, but for the life of me I don't know what it is.

If you're drawing traditionally, you might need to just bag the Chromebook entirely (unless you can hook it up to a scanner but I don't know about that) and do it on somebody else's computer. Maybe scan at a library computer and format there.

Here's my version of the meme if you didn't see it (although I think I'm probably going to redo it): Harry Potter Art Meme
And here is a good example of a comic I drew this way: Magic Seeds

Both were formatted the same way.

I hope I helped, tell me how it goes!!! :hug:
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