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Percy's family

By uppuN
Percy and his wife Audrey. Daughters Molly on left and Lucy on right.

(please people, this is just my vision...)

Harry Potter © J.K.Rowling
Art © Me
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© 2008 - 2021 uppuN
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@_@ Lucy looks like Crona from Soul Eater. @_@
happyface314's avatar
Lucy looks like Crona from Soul Eater.
Kidd-Breon's avatar
This is adorable OMG :D.
Art-2006's avatar
Shiina-Mako-Chan's avatar
Percy's certainly a most wonderful father. I can imagine him being all strict when he needs to be.
Kidd-Breon's avatar
I kind of imagine him being like Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.
aloistrancytheking's avatar
lucy kinda looks like crona from soul eater...
I love the picture of Percy

I have a weakness for smart people :$

Sorry if my English is not good :(

Atte: Nicolette Nott
nikkiisadinosaur's avatar
Lucy reminds me of Crona from Soul Eater. Almost exactly.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Very nice! Percy looks relaxed and proud--he's actually smiling here! The girls are very cute!
hhattermadiganm's avatar
lol they're like pilgrims. :)
wildhorsefeather's avatar
OMG!!! I can so imagine one of percy's daughters having hair like that!!!!!!!!!! (lucy's hair) like so uptight like jane from peter pan 2
plusch's avatar
This is adorable, I love your style! :heart:
JoeMerl's avatar
For some reason this seems fitting, especially the old-fashioned quality...very Percy. He seems to have a slight smile on his face, but no one else seems to enjoy posing. ;-) Nice work!
bonemummy's avatar
lucy rminds me of chrona from SE...its nice^^

luv de darkness as de blood wich keps ya aliv
Schnee-Fee's avatar
Love how you drew Percy. Lucy reminds me so much of Chrona from Soul Eater...
Cute! Lucy kinda looks like Hinata O.o ^_^ nifty
Crazy4HarryPotterBoy's avatar
now just WHO does this Audrey think she is? Taking my man-DONT THINK SO!
phipheephie's avatar
Poor, poor Penelope Clearwater!
Zipher185's avatar
I really like the family photo idea but I still want to eat Percy's soul for trying to turn Ron on Harry. Anyways. Love it!
uppuN's avatar
Yeah, not my favorite character eather :/ I blame him for freds death :(
Broken-T0y's avatar
How can you blame him for Fred's death?? Oo
Anyway, nice drawing, even though they seem... dead...
Zipher185's avatar
Yeah...though I'm not one to talk I sort of wanted Harry to die after Sirius died. I know it wasn't his fault but its like everyone that mets Harry gets hurt or in trouble. You know.
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