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Mermaid meme

By uppuN
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Me as a mermaid xD

I'm trying to cover up my belly there with my hands :'D And yes: I'm back in the blond again, just for the summer ^^

I made a "fat tail" cus I have asss...
Colors are dark, I usually dress in black, so...


So I'm starting a meme here!

Doesen't have to be Disney style, but that's always a plus ^^
(Tips: Try to make it look like you with the colors, hair, facial expression, body type etc.)

And of course I would like to see what you have done with it, so please link you work back to me here ^^
And so that everybody could enjoy this: try to remember put a link back to my page :)

Mermaid meme(c) uppuN
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AT first I thought this was Evil Odette from "Swan Princess!" Great work either way. 
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I'd like to try this! Just a question, I've found a lot of the Disney style relies on how the lines are done (and how creepily thin everyone is.) How thick would you say you made the lines? I'm not sure if you use photoshop too, but it's worth a shot.

Also, I love how you made her curvier, she looks more realistic and prettier than most of the ridiculously thin ones. It's a more believable character, you can relate to her better.
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I did it... Took me a while :)
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So i¨ve finally done mine :)
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I tried it out! Herrrre I am!

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I love this. I can't draw worth a damn, but if I did, my pose would be similar. Love that you were true to yourself though. ^^
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She looks kinda like Adele, very pretty
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I completely agree with you.
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I still draw one??
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Ur an adorable mermaid!! ^^
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I will do this as soon as I gain some talent. :D
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I think I'll do this! (Just as long as it applies to merMEN as well XD)
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I think its adorable! Disney needs to make a chunky princess! us curvy girls need love too...
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Definately. We need love!
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I love how you portray yourself as a mermaid :3 <3
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okay you lady are an awesome mermaid!! I cannot wait to try this!
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What a hot mermaid! Good thing you're in the water.
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