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MLP - HP Pony Land

By uppuN
Huuuuge file. Dowload to see the bigger version!

So here they are happily together in Pony land. There are some new ponies too - OMG! xD

So this is what I've been working on as soon as I started to make Potter ponys. As you can see, there's some of them a little not-so-well-made, they are ones of my first ponies. I will add more of them in the pic and the file will continue growing and growing! So it's not finnished.

Now I'm a little out of ideas that who I should add there, you can suggest a character (before you do, there's list where you can check, if the character is already coming)


Lily: Red hair, lily flower symbol
James: Black hair, red body, flame symbol
Hermione: Brown hair, pink body, book symbol
Ron: Orange hair, maroon body, chess symbol
Dumbledore: Silver hair, white body, stars and moon symbol
Neville: Chartreuse hair, blue body, flower symbol
Luna: Yellow hair, white body, hearts symbol
Bill: Orange hair and body, keys symbol
Fleur: Pale yellow hair, white body, butterflies symbol
Lupin: Brown hair with a grey streak, brown body, moon and clouds symbol
Tonks: Pink hair, white body, rainbow colored dots symbol
Draco: Pale yellow hair, pale green body, dragon symbol
Ginny: Orange hair, aqua body, hearts and dots symbol
Harry: Black hair, yellow body, snitch symbol
Fred & George: Orange hair, white body, jack in the box symbol
Narcissa: Yellow hair, pale green body, sparkle symbol
Lucius: Pale yellow hair, white body, snake and cane symbol
Greyback: Brown/grey hair, grey body, scar symbol
Bellatrix: Dark lilac hair, lilac body, snake and wand symbol
Voldemort: White body, snake and skull symbol
Snape: Black hair, very pale green body, potion bottle symbol


Ponies on the way:

-Sirius Black

Ponys in consideration:

-Rubeus Hagrid
-Mr. & Mrs. Weasley
-Minerva McGonagall
-Gilderoy Lockhart
-Rita Skeeter

-AND: It's not guaranteed that I will draw it! And if I do: it is NOT a request drawing! I just wan't to make this clear to everybody, cus I don't wan't to hear: 'Draw this and draw that!'.

I don't do request's because if I do them to one person, I would feel sad if the next one comes and I don't do it for that person. And I can't do them for everybody, because I do have I life (no, I really do!). But I'm quite sure that I will do commissions some day, so hold on to that! :)

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prongsfan101's avatar
I love it!!!! 
This is so cute!! 
harmonyluvr's avatar
what generation is this?
AllmiZ's avatar
first generation ^^
from the 80's
PutterPen's avatar
I wonder if Voldemort pony has ever ever wanted a wig...
Peiridae's avatar
Perfect! Just perfect. All. Of. Them. :squee:
Laurentiusje's avatar
cool, you can also make a G4 version of it, if you want to ^^;
foxylilmpwife's avatar
what about charlie, and Percy Weasley?
Luluxoria's avatar
lol, that's cute ^.^
PreetyCake123's avatar
woah... never realised it would be HARRY POTTER based!!! I love it! OMgggg
loyalartist's avatar
perfect, absalutly perfect :)
TheRockinStallion's avatar
I'm a Potterhead and a Brony so, while I don't really like G1, this is a cool crossover.
Marjaana's avatar
Oh my <3 These all are just so cute. But those four, Voldy, Bella, Fenrir and Snapie are just so lovely! More, more, please :D
cookiejoe1's avatar
nevilles pony looks like mine :(
TheRockinStallion's avatar
You'd think they would ALL be unicorns. XD

Seriously, excellent work!!!
mybat's avatar
love dat malfoy!
monicaponylover's avatar
the only one i like is the one on the left sitting
ashyfur524's avatar
I luvves Harry's Ponysona!!!
Centaur71's avatar
Hagrid would HAVE to be a Shire, of course with a spider for a cutie mark; and Sirius Black would be Steel Grey with a black mane And an Azkaban prison cell for a cutie Mark
uppuN's avatar
why azkaban cell? why not a black dog?
Prader's avatar
Lol i like how Voldemort's bald
leogal's avatar
Pretty epic :)
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