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UPbook.com is an innovative software and phone system platform that helps medical practices turn their reception desk into an efficient revenue source, announces a new partnership with Far Out Solutions, a global IT and Managed Services Provider.

UPbook is a Front Desk Management Software for medical practices, that revolutionizes the way your team schedules appointments. UPbook’s ultimate goal is to create a five-star front desk by giving your team the tools they need to turn more conversations into appointments and wowing your patients with your level of service.

For more information, visit upbook.com

How do you strategically plan in times of uncertainty, and we are in a new era, and we haven't stabilized yet. And so if you create a five year plan based on today's results, there's a very high likelihood that that's going to be way off. So what to do, because we know if you don't have a strategic plan, then you're just running your business blind, and nobody has any accountability. So how do you set your plans and incentive structures in such times of uncertainty, and the key is that in these unusual, hard to predict time periods, where you want to do is really reduce the timeframe. So for example, if you were incentivizing your team, based on targets that were on a monthly basis, instead, bring this down to a bi weekly basis. Or if you had a quarterly target, bring those down to monthly targets, and then reassess briefly at the end of that monthly target. If you do not do this, your planning is going to be out of date before you even start to pursue it. And if you do do this, everyone is going to get the incentive much more quickly. So they're going to be much more motivated to act and to do the behavior. That was the goal of setting up this plan in the first place. And secondly, you're actually going to have a much higher degree of accuracy in setting those different targets. Because at the end of the month, you might be in an entirely different world than you were in the beginning of the month. So in times of great uncertainty or crisis, really shorten the time frame when you're setting targets and strategically planning, and also include your reward period in a shorter duration than in a normal, stable, stable situation. So your action point in homework is to assess what sort of timelines do you have on targets? And how can you slice them up into smaller periods, and then actually reduce the incentive structures within your team members. So they get the benefit faster, and they can react more quickly and you as an organization become much more agile by showing your time period. As this begins to stabilize, then you can return to that cycle of five year, three year, one year, quarterly, monthly, and then divide that into a weekly meeting and a daily huddle. They'll share in other sessions. Cool. Awesome, guys, thanks so much here for you.


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