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Haven't written a journal for quite a while and am doing so at the end of the day getting ready for another work week.

To catch up a bit, I did get some writing in last week, but it was a bit hit and miss.  The good thing is that I actually have a private commission pretty far along, the second part to the Interview Improved nearly done and a third story that I pulled from several spattering writings.  So expect to see something soon.

I have a few more commissions to share and will get those out as well by the end of July.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I must have had fun because I felt awful the next day. :-)
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Bridgit Mendler WW Tank lift by AleBorgo
Ha!  It took both hands for Gal to lift a tank in the movie.  I can do with one hand while wearing a bikini!  Because, well, I'm THAT strong!

Cool art commissioned by

He posted this on his site, but I posted the larger version here for everyone to enjoy!  He was great to work with, so check him out!

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To say I was excited about the interview my editor sent me on was an understatement.  I had been a fan for years and seeing as we were the same age, those fan thoughts included fantasies that were not safe for work.  And being a muscle girl fan, the fantasies were not the normal ones likely shared by others.

Working my way around as a journalist while print is on the ropes led to me to several on line publications, including my latest one for Hollywood News.  As the new person, I was getting the less popular stories and in this case the editor wanted me to travel out east to catch up with my fantasy girl Bridgit Mendler.  The fact that I volunteered when he ran through a list of potential stories was a surprise to him and the fact that I held my excitement was a credit to my control.

Bridgit had left California to work on Social Media at MIT, but was looking to start producing some more music.  A pretty weak story line, but there nonetheless.  So the trip was to be for two days and an afternoon interview with her.  The fact they actually paid for the flight and hotel, even if both were cut rate fairs, was enough to think they thought I was worth the effort.

Getting ahold of Bridgit was easier than I thought, but in retrospect, as she had pretty much split from the Hollywood scene, any waning interest must have been welcome.  She allowed me several hours of her time and we were to meet at a local diner.  This all was certainly much different than most celebrity interviews.

Wanting to impress her, I dressed up in a sharp dark blue business suit with a blue striped shirt.  As a former high end swimmer, I filled out the large suit with manly proportions.  With a short haircut on my light brown hair, I cleaned up well.  Walking into the diner I was led to a spot to sit by the hostess with instructions to send Bridgit over when she arrived.  Sitting down, I quickly realized I was overdressed for the restaurant.  Pulling up my laptop I checked some e-mail and pulled up the Ap that my friends told me to avoid at all costs.  I had actually written it with the help of what I could only identify as dark magic.  I called it the Twilight Zone Ap, in that you could outline a scenario and whatever you wrote could come true, but if you weren’t careful, the outcome wouldn’t necessarily be in your favor.  I had actually tried it out with some benign changes with no luck, so I was beginning to believe that there was really nothing to the claims of success I received from several sources.

So involved in thinking of a decent wish I was caught by surprise when Bridgit was standing in front of me.

“Hello, you must be Justin.”

She reached out her hand to shake mine and I awkwardly scooted out of the booth to stand up and shake her small hand with a healthy smile.

“Bridgit!  Thanks for meeting with me.”

Bridgit smiled warmly back and I let out a breath as past fantasies popped back in my head.  I was actually touching her!  However, keeping things cool, we released our brief handshake and I reached my hand out to offer her a seat at the booth.  She smiled and as she moved toward the seat, I did the same.

It was at this point that those fantasies took a backseat to her present state.  Her hair, which I used to love, was loose, messy and hidden under an MIT baseball hat.  The color had darkened toward a light brown as opposed to the natural blonde, likely due to lack of outside exposure.  Her face was still pretty and the dimples still worked their magic on me, but she had no makeup on and she was dressed in an oversized black MIT sweatshirt, standard jeans and red Sketcher shoes.  She looked like a broke college kid on washday instead of the Queen of Disney.  Trying my best to hide my disappointment and now feeling REALLY overdressed, I pulled my laptop closer to pull up my outline, looked up at her and started with the simple question first that would hopefully give me a feeling what was truly going on with her before I got into some deeper questions.

Bridgit smiled and as she launched into what sounded like a Power Point presentation on social media, I did my very best to keep an interested face, nodding and giving out the occasional, “Uh-huh.”

Bridgit paused for a moment after one long explanation and I smiled and glanced over at the waitress, anxious for a break already.  To think I carved out 3 hours for this.  Or more!  Clearing my throat, I brought my hands up to the keyboard and typed a few notes.

“That sounds very interesting Bridgit, I just want to take a few notes as we continue.”

As the waitress neared and we ordered drinks, I pulled up my Ap, now desperately hoping it would work.  Once the waitress left to get our boring Ice T’s, I asked her to continue concerning her classes and how they related to her previous experience.  Nodding again, I started typing, but wasn’t taking notes.  I had opened the Ap and was outlining a better Bridgit vision.

She had her hair blonde, long and expertly layered.  She had on some nice make-up, including eyeliner.  She was dressed in a yellow sundress and sandals.

Pausing to ask a follow on question concerning a potential desire to direct and taking charge of a social media event, I glanced back at the screen and moved on to more out of the box adjustments.

Bridgit had been working out in earnest since she arrived last fall.  Six months of intense weight training and she had a hard, fit body including big bulging cut biceps.

As Bridgit droned on, I smiled back to change the subject for a moment.

“So what have been doing with your free time?”

Moving the drink away from my computer and watching her bright smile as the question spark my imagination, I accidently touched the keyboard and hit enter on the Ap.

The diner went a bit fuzzy and I watched as time seemingly froze and Bridgit started changing in appearance.  Her hat slowly went away, her hair lengthened and brightened to a brilliant blonde.  Her face took on a near Angelic vision with simple make-up improvements that seemingly couldn’t have been the only thing making her more beautiful than ever, as if the Ap were filling in gaps of my deeper desires.  A fact I knew was both a risk and a benefit.  I gulped as her clothes morphed into a pretty little yellow sundress with spaghetti straps.  But it was then that my thoughts about the last sentence took hold and those thin, average sized arms started to expand and bulge, melting away much of the fat and producing hard curves around her shoulders, her biceps, triceps and forearms.  Her chest expanded outward as well, at least a half inch thick with clearly defined upper pectoral slabs of muscle that flowed down with a chest split into muscle cleavage that disappeared into the yellow dress and pushed out with what had to be plenty of lower pectoral development and perky breasts, lifted and presented nicely.  She must have had a thin bra under the dress for support to cover her nipples.

As the vision cleared and my heart raced, Bridgit’s smile remained, but now lit up the room and caused me to audibly gasp.  This was the Bridgit of my fantasies come to life!  She was gorgeous!  She was ultra fit!  And her response was now very different than it would have been before I hit enter on the Ap.


Bridgit pulled her arms up and went into a classic double bicep pose with her lower arms parallel to the ground and her forearms at a 60-degree angle.  Her small hands were in fists and what once were average arms were now bulging female muscles with enough size and detail to put her into the physique category!  The biceps were small hills of muscle with enough definition to showcase the bicep splits and enough size to push up into twin engorged peaks!  I tried not to swoon, but my jaw opened at the vision from my fantasies!

Glancing back and forth at her biceps, Bridgit held her smile and continued.

“I had only connected with a few people at MIT before I moved up and had plenty of spare time on my hands for the first time in quite a while.  Wanting to stay in shape I joined the local gym and making some friends there, was soon lifting weights for the first time.  And the feeling was intoxicating!  I mean it was hard, but the rewards were pretty quick.  My gains were the envy of everyone in the gym!  My guns are already nearly 14 inches around!  And while I’ve gained weight, my body fat level is down, so the weight is all muscle!  Pretty cool, no?”

With that Bridgit sighed as if she was getting a rush from the flex and releasing her pose and allowing her arm to head to the table was a letdown for her.

I coughed.  “Yes!  Very cool.”

My mind raced.  The changes in history were now in my head.  There were rumors about Bridgit’s new body and that was actually to be part of the story.  She had been mainly silent on social media since moving to Massachusetts, so the fact that few knew about or reported on her changes wasn’t out of the ordinary.  But with this new reality, I could follow up with questions to see how the gaps were being filled.

“So how strong are you now?”

Bridgit’s eyes lit up at the question.  “Oh, very strong.  I’m probably the strongest girl in the gym!  The guys want me join the powerlifting team and I’ve been practicing the techniques.  They all marvel at how fast my strength continues to grow.”

I nodded, now fully into the interview.  “Interesting.  Which powerlifting event is your favorite?”

Bridgit wrinkled her nose and chuckled.  “Well my favorite workout is with my biceps, so if they have a curling event that’s what I would likely do best.  My biceps are REALLY strong.  None of the gym members know how that could be.  I can curl 115 pounds!”

I gasped.  My fantasies were being realized more and more with every statement!  Bridgit smiled at my reaction and continued.

“But between the normal powerlifting events I enjoy the bench press the most.  I mean I can deadlift a lot and squat a lot, but right now my upper body is outshining my legs.  The guys tell me I need to concentrate on balancing things out more, but I’m still in this for fun and arm day is still my favorite.  So we’ll see where this takes me.”

My brain sent off a reminder from this new reality.  Part of the interview was going to be at the gym!  We were going to work out together!

“What is your best bench press?”

Bridgit smiled proudly.  “I can press 190 pounds!  I want to get to 200 by next week.  Hard to believe I couldn’t even bench press 40 pounds when I started.  And now I’ve got pecs!”

Bridgit brought her arms to the side, leaned forward and flexed her chest, causing her pectorals to push out against the dress and flair into ridges of hard muscle across her exposed cleavage into the sexiest blocks of muscle I had ever seen up close.  Seeming my eyes bulge out and stare at her chest, Bridgit blushed, laughed nervously and quickly release her flex, pulling her hands onto her lap.

“So yeah, between school and lifting I have been keeping my schedule pretty full.”

Nodding, I went back to computer, feigning my note taking.  Bridgit may have turned out to be a fantasy come true for me, but I was just another journalist who would be gone tomorrow.  She still had the “good girl” vibe about her and she likely had no interest in me beyond the interview.  But I was going to change that.

I quickly typed in that Bridgit wanted to have sex with me and was capable of one-night stands without concern.  I glanced up at Bridgit who returned a small smile.  I had made her into a muscle hottie and the Ap gave her additional strength.  I had to wonder if there were limits to such things.  Could I make her stronger than should be possible?  Thinking I could always change things back, I quickly typed that Bridgit had more than twice the muscle and was the strongest in the world yet maintained her beauty, frame and feminine curves.  Glancing up and nearly getting lost in her mesmerizing eyes, I typed something about super human ability to gain strength, muscle along with hyper flexing abilities.  Fumbling toward the enter key I looked up at Bridgit again and pressed the key.

Time froze again and I watched with fascination as Bridgit’s calm expression turned more lustful and nearly animalistic, even as she sported the same beauty and luscious golden hair.  But that was the only part of her that remained the same.  My eyes shifted toward her shoulders as they slowly spread outward with added muscle, gaining width and rippling cords of thickness.  Her back then matched the growth, widening and pulling the dress taught.  Her chest grew thicker and broader as well, filling with plenty of muscle, then her pectorals gained even more ripped, power packed muscle.  Then even more!  Right before my eyes, Bridgit’s chest surged larger until it appeared she had two huge square cakes of muscle for pectorals that were so thick that the muscle cleavage was a canyon!  There was way more than twice the amount of muscle she started with.  What had I done?

Before I could contemplate my rash prose concerning super human abilities, my stare moved down to those fit biceps as they started to shimmer.  Her arms seemingly pulsed as they expanded slowly into the largest female biceps ever flexed.  Then they grew even larger, more defined and clearly intimidating!  Then they grew even larger!  My pulse started to race, as her arms became legendary masses of muscle bigger, harder and more ripped than I would have thought possible!  And then those biology busting female super muscles grew even bigger!  By the time my vision cleared, Bridgit chuckled at me as my wide eyes stared at her biceps.

“You know Justin, why don’t we head to the gym right now.  I can tell you’re into my mighty muscles.  After all, if they’re already this big…”

Bridgit pulled up her right arm and huge, thick masses of unrelenting power pushed out in every direction.  With a knowing smile Bridgit brought her six-inch wide strapping forearm up to 90 degrees and pulled that same small hand into a fist.  A massive lump of female bicep ground into view, seemingly well over 26 inches around of hard, striated mega muscle.

“Which is bigger than any other female bodybuilder has flexed before.  That is until I flex them harder….”

My eyes widened and my jawed dropped as Bridgit moaned with sexual pleasure and flexed her bicep, causing her muscles to literally explode into a mountain of muscle larger than any HUMAN had flexed before, much less any woman!  Her triceps bulled down to the size of a half bowling ball with feathered striations arcing along the curvature while her front bicep was the size of an ENTIRE bowling ball and her back bicep climbed up over the top into a sharp peak that throbbed as she tensed her fist harder until her mighty peak reached the top of her fist!  Several thick veins pulsed generously across the expanse and deep striations etched into her muscles and thin pink skin.  The once average Bridgit Mendler was flexing up a bicep out of my wildest dreams right in front of me!  Chuckling at my reaction to what previous to my simple words typed into the Ap was clearly impossible, Bridgit continued to moan with low, sexy words.

“My mighty female muscles are the largest in the world.”

Bridgit glanced over at her incredible bicep peak that was nearly eye level and then smiled seductively back at me.

“And there’s even more!  Judging by your reaction to this flex you’ll likely fall over when I give these steel hard muscles a work out and flex them even larger!  You can forget everything you think you know about strength, size, muscle expansion and power.  I’ve got an entire MIT team trying to comprehend how this little woman has become the most powerful, most muscular human being in history, with biceps able to flex up to nearly twice the size of the biggest man!”

Peaking over at the massive mountain of shredded female intimidation again, she smirked back at me with a cocky, superior expression.

“You wanted a story of what I’ve been doing for the last six months?  You’re about to find out!  There isn’t a man alive who can compete with me.  There aren’t five men together who are as strong as my one arm currently flexed up at around 60 inches and 20 inches tall!  I’ve been performing one arm curls with several tons!  And I keep on growing stronger and stronger.  And the lifting is intoxicating!  I’ve been getting such a rush when I lift heavy and blow away my previous records.”

As my face turned white and an erection blasted below the table, Bridgit released her mind-altering flex, causing her gigantic muscle to magically reduce down to half the size of her flex.  She scooted out of the booth and reached for some money in her small handbag.

“I’ve got our drinks.  Now come on, I need to head to the gym.  They’ve got some great new equipment ready for me to dive into.  Then you can get some up close and personal encounters with this jacked up body.”

As I closed the laptop and moved to the edge to get up, Bridgit tossed the money on the table and watched as I stood up to my full 6 foot 1 inch height, compared to her 5 foot 7, which normally affords me the advantage.  But not anymore.  Bridgit was a fricking TANK!  She was wider, more muscular and more defined than me by a considerable margin.  And I’m no slouch!  Bridgit sized me up as well, giving me a side-glance, licking her lips seductively and smiling brightly.

“You look pretty well built.  Hope you can hold up.”

She then winked at me and headed for the door, giving me a view of her behind.  That yellow dress appeared to be painted on at this point, riding up above mid thigh!  The sandals on her small feet only belayed the effect of her small ankles moving toward the largest, most ripped set of calf muscles ever flexed!  I stared as each one surged larger than a volleyball with every step onto her dainty toes.  Her hamstring muscles were well over a foot wide and her thighs bulled out beyond even that as I watched them flex and surge as she moved toward the door.  Her muscular ass was twin half globes of striated masses easily seen, as the dress pressed precariously across her behind and indicated that no panties were under the thin material!  Bridgit’s narrow midsection tapered so dramatically to her wider than wide bulging back that I had to stop and gasp.  To heck with hourglass, this was the most intimidating T shape ever seen!  If her midsection was less than a foot wide, her back was stretched out to over three times that, maybe four!  And she wasn’t flexing her barn door busting lats at all!  The dress actually creaked from the stress as it exposed the top inches of her back, shoulders and cobra trap muscles not covered by her long think blonde hair.  How the straps didn’t just snap off was beyond me.

Bridgit reached the door and turned over her thick right shoulder to stare at me with her lustful deep brown eyes and long sexy lashes.

“Well come on stud, don’t you want to see what this body can do?”

Gulping and nodding my head like a happy toddler, I grabbed my laptop and quickly followed her out the door.

She walked toward her car as I followed next to her.

“I’ll drive.  You can grab your gym bag from your car.  We can come back here afterwards to get your car.”

Nodding again with a weak smile, Bridgit pushed her tongue out to her upper lip.

“Assuming you’re capable of driving.”

Bridgit laughed and climbed into the Lexus SUV and I was soon sitting in the passenger side.  She glanced at my still hard erection and bit her lower lip.

“Oh, you like these muscles do you?  Well then we’re really going to have some fun because whatever rumors you’ve heard are not only true, but I’ve likely already eclipsed those lifts and flexes.  There doesn’t seem to a limit to what I can flex or lift.  Or punch for that matter.”

Bridgit started the car and we were heading off toward the gym, which I knew was only about a 10-minute drive away.  Trying hard to maintain a semblance of journalistic thought, I cleared my throat.

“How exactly did this happen?  How did you grow so muscular and so strong?  You clearly are holding your same looks.  If you use steroids, they must be completely different from what is out there today.”

My brain did catch up to what were only rumors and claims of photo-shopped pictures of a Bridgit Mendler with impossible size and strength.  That became the main reason I was here.  Interestingly enough she had rebuffed other interviews.  My interview was the first one she had agreed to.  Bridgit kept her eyes on the road and with her attention there she spoke with a matter of fact tone, not one of astonishment and wonder that you would expect considering what had happened.

“When I started to work out six months ago, it was on a lark.  I didn’t really take it all that seriously, seeing as it was an outlet.  But I quickly saw gains in both size and strength that outstripped what anyone thought was possible.  No drugs, no steroids, just me lifting.  I was a bit scared and actually backed off, seeing as the gains were clearly not normal.  But the feeling I got pumping my muscles, especially my biceps, became orgasmic.  After pushing my body toward female bodybuilding proportions and strength to match all but the strongest of women less than two months ago, I pulled in the MIT biology and physiological teams and we set up an experiment.  This way they could monitor and record just what was happening.  Six weeks ago all we could surmise after a full physical was that there was nothing wrong with me other that I was essentially the ultimate mesomorph.  A genetic improbability.  Relieved that there was nothing wrong with me, I then really started working out without fear and was soon making gains that shocked everyone.  A month ago I was the strongest person on earth, with muscles to match the largest men.  Yet somehow I maintained my girlish curves, even if they were hard muscle.  My bodyfat levels declined, my muscle definition grew and my strength continued to expand beyond logic, especially my arms.  I gave you a taste of what my arms are capable of in the diner, but you really have no idea what’s to come.”

She paused as her mind went back to navigating traffic, so I followed up.

“You mentioned that a month ago you were the strongest, most muscular person on earth.  What’s happened in the last month?”

Bridgit smiled as she kept her eyes on the road.

“I became even stronger.  I grew in strength so fast that the crew monitoring me became worried.  The lifts became biologically impossible.  My entire body was moving away from anything a normal human should be able to accomplish and every time they base-lined me I grew stronger.  My muscles grew larger as well, but not out of hand, except maybe my biceps.  But as my strength grew, suddenly I discovered that if I flexed hard enough I could expand my muscles even larger as if extra muscles were building within my muscles.  You saw how I was able to double the size of my biceps with one simple flex.  And the fact that I was growing stronger just by getting off on my gains and muscle flexing was even harder to comprehend seeing as the team struggled to explain the normal growth thru lifting heavier weights.  Of course having sex with half the team and any large man I could find may have skewed the results, because, well, I tended to grow stronger after each encounter.”

She paused again and I allowed some silence for a moment before asking another question, pondering my text about turning her into a sex machine.

“Do you have any idea where this is all heading?”

Bridgit smiled again, as if I just asked her to tell me a secret she’s been holding in, which was apparently true.

“Good question.  None of us know.  They still have not put together an algorithm as to how I got this way much less if and when it will end.  But one thing has happened this last week.”

Bridgit paused as we pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be a warehouse instead of gym.  As she shifted the car into park she turned toward me and pulled a deep breath in and out, stressing her dress even further.

“I’ve started holding back.  When I get off on my lifts and flexes and orgasm, my strength doesn’t just increase, my strength and flexing ability actually spikes upward.  And they don’t come back down.  I already know I can flex muscles larger than they’ve measured and lift more than they’ve recorded.”

I gulped as my erection rose back up.

“Why were you holding back or hiding anything from them?”

Bridgit’s eyes shifted toward concern for the first time.  “Because I know the government is watching closely now.  And I needed someone to witness my capabilities not tied to MIT and grant money.  Someone independent.  All of the other so-called journalists wanting to interview me had ties with government organizations.  The thing with my studies on social media is that I know how to perform searches outside of Google and how to get into data bases that they want held secret.”

I let out a breath.  Had the Ap created this impossible situation for me?  Danger signs were everywhere now and I contemplated making a change to fix this, but as I picked up my laptop, Bridgit shook her head.

“You’ll have to leave that in the car.  Sorry, but as you’ve likely noticed, we’re not at a local gym.  I outgrew what any gym could offer a while ago.”

Grimacing slightly, I bit my lip, dropped the computer and closed the door.  Bridgit locked the car and glided up next to me on the sidewalk leading to the entrance.  She pulled a card out of her handbag.

“There are only a few people in today.  This isn’t a normally scheduled workout.  I made sure to include only the guy and girl I trusted.  But I can tell you, if you were getting turned on in the restaurant, your going to really enjoy what I have planned.”

Suddenly the thoughtful Bridgit was gone and it her place was the very friendly, orgasmic inducing Bridgit I had set out to create.  I was now both excited and frightened at what was about to happen.

“Um, OK.  But are you sure you should be trying to hide things.  If you were worried about what they would do before, aren’t you worried that they’ll find out now?”

Bridgit surprised me when she laughed.  “Just wait Justin.  Just wait.”

Bridgit swiped her card and we were soon walking into some kind of superhero and science fiction space that my mind had a hard time wrapping around.  Large science equipment was interspersed amongst the largest set of weights I had ever seen.

Bridgit smiled as she noticed the awe in my expression.

“Yeah, pretty cool, no?  I’m like an X-man, or in this case an X-woman.”

Bridgit found her two friends and waved at them.  The man was working a computer and looked up to wave back, while the woman walked over to us.  I let out a hard breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

What had I gotten into?

To be continued.
An Interview Improved
OK, so I haven't submitted any stories lately.  I really wanted to post something to continue the Bridgit Multiverse story or the Pair of Ducks story, or, well, something I already started.  But as per my normal routine, I get stuck and then stuck again and just wind up with half written stuff everywhere.

So while wondering what had happened to Bridgit Mendler in real life, I found an article and had an idea for a story.  So here it is.

Now if only I can get to Part 2.  I have already shifted to another story I need to work on, so I suspect Part 2 will be a little while, but I do know it may need to be published outside of DA due to sexy stuff.  We'll see!

Anyway, nothing ground breaking here.  Just lots of female muscle.
Haven't written a journal for quite a while and am doing so at the end of the day getting ready for another work week.

To catch up a bit, I did get some writing in last week, but it was a bit hit and miss.  The good thing is that I actually have a private commission pretty far along, the second part to the Interview Improved nearly done and a third story that I pulled from several spattering writings.  So expect to see something soon.

I have a few more commissions to share and will get those out as well by the end of July.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I must have had fun because I felt awful the next day. :-)
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