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Ariana Biceps Chain by Crypt567
The front double bicep from that I requested and that he was very nice to complete for me fitting into his very busy schedule.  I asked for her flexed bicep to snap a chain and this was his result.  I thought he might post it, but he was OK with the post coming from me.

Very cool!  Hope those biceps keep on growing bigger!
Bridgit Mendler Just Warming Up by gv-art
"So you think you found a device that can challenge my strength?  Well think again!  Let me know when you have something to provide a proper challenge."

This drawing is a brilliant version of the wonderful
version seen below.  Enjoy!

9999 and then some... by SuperCDR

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The Re-Do App

Jeff Tower sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal.  It was the first day of school of his senior year and he was still coming down from his 18th birthday celebration from that weekend.  He was both nervous and excited about the upcoming year and wanted to make a good impression.  He had gotten a short haircut for his brown hair, had on a new red and blue striped polo shirt and some new jeans along with new white high tops.  He was ready to take on the day.

Jeff wasn’t exactly in the popular crowd, being more of a gamer than an athlete and at 5 foot 9 and 155 pounds was pretty average, not being fat, but not very fit either.  While everyone knew him as a gamer, what they didn’t know was that he was also a huge female muscle fan.  Jeff hid this fact from everyone, not that it really got in the way of his normal life, but at times had him alone in his room on his computer.  At home he would drift into fantasies of some of his classmates gaining muscles and had often lost himself in daydreams even during school.  Jeff was a good student, but his teachers often pegged him as underachieving.  He had his sites on some type of software architecture degree, so that was where his focus laid at school.

His aunt Jenny worked at a software firm, or at least that was the best anyone could figure.  She only ever talked about her job in vague descriptions, but when Jeff mentioned his interests to her last year, she was encouraging.  Living far away, they didn’t see each other often and she missed his birthday party.

Munching on his Cheerios, the noise of an alert on his phone pulled his attention away from his bowl.  Jeff looked back at his phone and mumbled to himself.  “A text from Aunt Jenny.”  Jeff hit the phone a few times and opened the message.

“Welcome to your new adventure as a senior in high school and a newly minted 18 year old young man.  I know how exciting and nerve wracking that will be.  So to help you correct some errors, mistakes or embarrassing situations I am sending you a link to a special App called Re-Do.  Use sparingly, as this is a very powerful program.  Happy Birthday!  Love you, Aunt Jenny.”

Jeff shook her head.  “An App?  I didn’t know Aunt Jenny was an application programmer.  I thought she was in management.”

Jeff sighed and looking at the time on his phone, grumbled.

“Crud, I’d better get going, I don’t want to be late for the first day of school!”

Jeff grabbed his phone and backpack and ran to his car.  Being a senior meant he could drive and park in the school parking lot.  So with thoughts of his first class in his head, Jeff made the 2-mile trip to school, parked his car and headed through the front entrance.

Pulling his schedule and giving greetings to several classmates, Jeff made it to his English Literature class and wandered toward the back.  He found a seat and plopping his backpack next to him, he pulled up his phone to text back to his friend Paul, who had checked in with him while he was driving.  He then paused as he pulled up the e-mail from his Aunt and shrugging his shoulders, downloaded the App, hoping the data charge wouldn’t be too bad.  As the App was downloading, he looked up to see the class beauty and star athlete, Rebecca Ryan walk toward him.

Rebecca had on a set of pink Capri pants and a white t-shirt with the school mascot, Spartans, on the front.  Rumors were that she had been working out a bit extra before her senior year in hopes of getting a scholarship in volleyball.  As she neared, she saw Jeff, but gave no real acknowledgement and moved toward the open chair next to him.  Jeff sighed as he watched her move and let out a breath at her model frame, 6 foot 2 inch height, pleasing athletic curves, long auburn hair and those sparkling green eyes.  She had on light make-up and was clearly very beautiful.  Most everyone compared her to Karen Gillan for her height, hair and looks; with the only difference being Rebecca had a fitness level body.

Sitting down, Rebecca noticed a friend to the other side and leaning toward her to talk, ignored Jeff.  Jeff sighed, noticed the Ap had loaded and glanced over to see Rebecca press up and down on the toes of her right foot, pulling the heal out of her white flats and balling up her calf muscle into a seductive, slightly rippling muscle.  Considering how long her legs were, there was quite of bit of muscle there to cause a small bulge on her long calf and Jeff nearly lost himself in her dancing pink hunk of sexy power.  His attention was diverted when the App loaded and he opened it up.  The text filled the screen.

“Welcome Jeff!  Re-Do is a very special App just for you from Aunt Jenny.  This App can Re-Do events, giving you the opportunity to correct a mistake.  But even better, you can alter anything along with going backward in time.  This way, not only can you Re-Do an action, but provide an advantage as well.  Be careful, as simple actions can have large consequences.”

Jeff shook his head.  This was silly.  But as his attention moved back toward Rebecca’s pulsing calf muscle, which he surmised was easily 12 inches around, Jeff read the instructions and then started typing a request.

“Go back when Rebecca entered the room.  Rebecca has a major crush on me and wants us to date seriously.”

Jeff paused as Rebecca held her calf flex and he imagined it growing larger, his female muscle dreams coming into play.  Looking back at his phone he continued to type and not one to go half way; quickly dove full into his fantasy.

“Rebecca can grow incredibly strong and gain massive rippling, denser muscle just by flexing hard.  She is already the strongest girl in school and wanting to make me happy will flex powerful, seductive, feminine, super strong, ever growing and strengthening muscles for me.”

Jeff hit continue just as the bell rang for class to begin.  Another text box popped up.

“Warning:  A suggestion would be to place limits on abilities.  Some history would change and no limits would cause modifications outside of nature for Rebecca, affecting the new reality.  Would you like to modify?”

The teacher, Mr. Miller, a short middle aged frumpy man, stood up and instructed everyone to put away his or her phones so he could start roll call.  Jeff gulped, not certain any of this was real, but rather than wait until after class, he ignored the warning and hit continue.

The room went dark for a moment and Jeff heard a pop in his ear as the room slowly lit back up.  Blinking, he quickly realized that Rebecca was no longer sitting next to him and was just coming in from the hallway.  Only as Jeff reflexively finished his text to Paul as he had done before, he looked up to see Rebecca enter the room, lock eyes with him and smile broadly.  Jeff gulped.  Holy cow!  The App!  It must have worked!  This was impossible!  But as his brain frazzled, he stared at the smiling Rebecca and her perfect white teeth that practically shined and her dimples that formed on her slightly freckled cheeks.  Walking toward him, she appeared even sturdier than before, which he wondered if that had something to do with making her the strongest girl in school.  He let out a breath.  If what he typed were now real, she had incredible powers beyond just being the strongest girl in school.  Jeff’s wild imagination was on overdrive.  Were his texts about to come true?  Seeing his stunned reaction, Rebecca was practically giggling as she neared and sat down, leaning forward.

“Hello Jeff!  I trust you had a good summer.  My workouts have been VERY productive and I’m ready to show you the fruits of my labor.  You are going to LOVE what I can do.  Then we can have some real fun, if you know what I mean.”

Jeff gulped.  He really didn’t, but he had an idea, and smiled back and nodded his head.  Did she already know about his lust for muscle girls?  He let out a breath as his head throbbed a bit from what he quickly realized was a new history.  Rebecca had initiated a cyber relationship just a few weeks ago and in talking about her workout routine, Jeff was very encouraging, which caused her to double her efforts, specifically with heavy weights.  They oddly hadn’t met over the summer, for some reason waiting until school started.  Jeff could only imagine his untethered wish forced the App to be creative.  He also started to sweat at the thoughts of all of this being real and what he had typed.

Rebecca, ignoring his stunned expression and silence, licked her red glossed lips.

“My gains in strength these passed few days have been amazing.  My most recent workouts unlocked something Jeff.  Something incredible.  Would you like a sample?”

Jeff was nearly shaking with anticipation when the teacher once again (for him anyway) instructed everyone to put his or her phones away and Jeff whispered toward her.

“Yes, that would be great!  Seeing as you’re wearing Capris maybe you could flex your calf muscles for me.”

Rebecca giggled, nodded her head, and then settled into her chair as the teacher gave an introduction about the class, what tests to expect and overall expectations.  Jeff put away his phone and had pulled out his notebook to write down some of the points he wanted to remember.  But it didn’t take long for his attention to be diverted as Rebecca had pushed her right leg out toward him and was slowly bouncing her foot up and down similar to what she had done before he activated the App.  Only this time she was holding the flex a bit longer.  And there was something different.


Her muscles were…

Growing larger?

Jeff’s eyes widened as he was now transfixed.  His simple text of growing stronger and larger muscles was coming to pass right in front of him!  The nicely toned calf muscle was slowly surging larger, rounder and more defined with every flex!  Her calf was now better fit for a sprinter than a volleyball player and considering how long her legs were, the amount of muscle needed to even appear than round was incredible!  He speculated that she had added several inches of girth and was still gaining incredible detailed mass with seemingly every flex.

The teacher discussed the textbooks they would be using and the students in the front row helped collect books and passed them back.  Rebecca paused her flexing as she accepted the book.  Jeff pulled his eyes away to do the same.  They followed the instructions of filling out some paperwork, passing the information back and the teacher completed walking through the syllabus.  The teacher paused, looked up at the clock and said that rather than diving in today, that he would allow everyone to examine the list of books they could choose from for reports and as long as they weren’t too loud, could talk for the last 20 minutes of class.  This allowed Rebecca to scoot closer and push out her right leg.

“Pretty cool, huh?  Did you enjoy my little calf flexing?  It felt sooooo good.  I just know that I’ve grown stronger along with adding all that additional muscle.  Isn’t that super cool!  Can you just imagine what I can do?  What WE can do?”

Jeff gulped again as he stared into her sparking green eyes and ravishing beauty as his head spun and he stumbled for words.

“That.  That was incredible.  So your muscles really grew larger the more you flexed?  I, well, that seems impossible.”

Rebecca smiled warmly as her eyes lit up.

“Well impossible for anyone else!  And even better Jeff, not only do my muscles grow larger, but they’re stronger now too.  A LOT stronger!  And best yet is that I’ve been saving the real serious flexing just for you.  Now check out my thighs when I flex them.”

Without any distractions, Jeff stared intently at her long right thigh as Rebecca pulsed both legs, tensing and un-tensing with a soft moan of pleasure as both the growth and strength increase provided pleasurable tingling across her body.  Her volleyball athlete sized thighs soon increased in mass, depth and width.  The pink Capris became lighter in color as the material was forced to stretch across larger and beefier quadriceps muscles!  Soon the material started to complain, popping a few threads as the seams started to split.  Jeff’s jaw dropped a bit and a serious erection started to form.  He could now see the separation between the quad muscles as Rebecca had added four inches of width, several inches of thickness, and etches of incredible definition to her thighs in less than a minute while pulling her pants practically into a second skin!  Jeff glanced up at the happy and turned on Rebecca.

“Rebecca!  That’s incredible!  Your muscles just keep on growing!”

Letting out a sigh, Rebecca stopped her furious flexing and pulled her feet back in to sit up straight.

“I know, right.  I can only imagine how much stronger my quads are now.  I’ll bet I can squat more than any boy in school!  Another 30 seconds and my pants would have been destroyed.”

Not slowing down, Rebecca pulled up the bottom of her shirt toward her athletic bra and exposed her solid six-pack abs on her narrow midsection.

“This should be interesting.  I really don’t want big blocky abs, so we’ll see what some ab flexing gets me.”

Jeff stared on as Rebecca pulsed her abs and to Rebecca’s relief and Jeff’s delight, her abs added some depth, but didn’t push outward hardly much at all.  His text about Rebecca having sexy, feminine muscles must have caused this, Jeff thought.  Within moments, her nice 6 pack was an angry 8 pack of writhing bricks of muscle pushing against each other for dominance with small caverns between them and veins lining and pulsing across her wall of strength.  Rebecca’s oblique muscles pushed out, hardened and showcased striation lines, providing the perfect, sexy frame to the most outlandishly powerful set of female abdominals Jeff had ever seen.  He let out a hard breath as his erection continued to grow.

“Wow Rebecca, your abs look like stone!  I’ve never seen muscles so hard and defined.”

Rebecca stopped her pulsing and held her flex, looking intently at her incredible midsection.

“Well they feel like abs of steel!  If I keep on flexing them maybe they’ll deflect bullets.”

Jeff nearly came at that suggestion and he grunted painfully, flushing at the realization he was still in class.  Several classmates were looking over toward Rebecca, wondering what she was doing and why she had any interest in Jeff.  Rebecca didn’t seem to care at all, fully into her muscle flexing and growth enjoyment, along with an intense desire to please Jeff.

Pulling the hem back down it was now apparent that her t-shirt and underlying athletic bra were much tighter then when she entered the room.  Rebecca had always been relatively flat chested, which she was fine with for the most part.  But newly created underlying pectoral muscles had surged broader in concert with other flexing and those bulging muscles pushed what little breast tissue she had hard forward.  Rebecca shook her head to get her long auburn hair off her front and staring down for a moment to check out the new depth in her chest, quickly glanced at her arms and leaning toward Jeff, pulled her lower arm close to his face and smiled.

“Want me to flex my girlish biceps now?”

Jeff glanced around nervously.  Of course he did, but as more kids were watching, her flexing could no longer be discreet and out of view.  And his erection was becoming both painful and nerve-wracking.

“Well, yeah, but maybe not here.”

Rebecca finally looked around and with her long arm fully extended, placed her hand on Jeff’s shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze.

“Ah, who cares about everyone else?  Besides, if I keep flexing, nobody will be able to mess with us.”

Jeff gulped as her soft hand rubbed his shoulder, only pushing his erection harder.  Rebecca glanced down and noticing his tent, smiled.  She then turned toward the front and asked the teacher.

“Excuse me Mr. Miller, do you have a tape measurer?”

Mr. Miller, who was working his laptop, looked up with a curious face, then glanced over at a drawer on his desk.

“Well it is your lucky day Ms. Ryan.  I actually do.”

Rebecca smiled at Jeff, and standing up, traced her long fingers off his shoulder and slowly walked to the front of the class.  This gave everyone in class a full view of the newly amped up Rebecca and all eyes were upon her and she knew it.

Rebecca’s height of 6 feet 2 inches appeared larger than life now that she was sporting a full on female bodybuilder busting physique to match.  Walking forward, her Capris split and ripped audibly as she pulsed her massively muscular 12 inch wide thunder thighs, chiseled hamstring muscles, round cut 18-inch circumference calves and twin half bowling ball striated glutes with every deliberate step.  Jeff mused that if she could jump high to spike the ball affectively before, there wouldn’t be a team in the state that could stop her now!  Smiling as she enjoyed the fact that everyone was watching her, Rebecca flexed her back and chest as she moved forward and her upper body was quickly straining the t-shirt to the limit and a few tears were seen along the sides as she continued to tense her mighty growing 3 inch thick pectorals with each stride, added bulk to a back already over two feet wide, and pressed more width into her detailed shoulders.  Her arms, not yet fully amped up but flexed as she walked, swung purposely to her side and her triceps bulged into three-inch thick horseshoes.  With her imposing beauty and surging physique, Rebecca simply owned the room and everyone stared on with jealousy, lust or both.  Mr. Miller, seemingly oblivious, pulled the tape measure from the desk, remained seated and leaned forward to hand it to Rebecca who reached out across the desk with her long, powerful right arm and extended her slender, feminine fingers.  Mr. Miller raised an eyebrow as he finally took notice of Rebecca’s amped up, well, everything, and shook his head and looked back down quickly, not wanting to hold eye contact or make a comment.  Rebecca smiled, pulled her arm back and standing tall, tittered.

“Thank you Mr. Miller.”

Mr. Miller kept his eyes glued to his computer screen and smiled nervously.  “Your welcome Rebecca.”

Rebecca turned and strode purposefully back toward the still seated Jeff and reaching him, gently pulled him out of the chair and he flushed harshly as his erection was unabated.  This only fueled Rebecca as she handed him the tape measurer.

“Now for the good part.  You can measure my biceps as I flex them.  Can you just imagine how big they’ll get?  How strong they will become?  How much power I’ll be packing in my teen-age girl biceps?  My entire body is just tingling with anticipation and I can see you feel the same way.”

Gulping, nodding and flushed red, Jeff pulled the tape measurer and stared at her already formidable arm that sported definition and bulging muscles across her strapping forearm, triceps and biceps.  Her lower arm had to be nearly 15 inches already!  The rest of the class tried not to stare, but many kept their eyes on the two standing in the back of the class.  A couple of senior linemen who were still larger than Rebecca were muttering about her being some kind of freak.  Jeff was sure she heard them, but she kept her attention on Jeff.

Rebecca pushed her arm out, balled her fingers into a fist and slowly brought her four-inch wide forearm up toward 90 degrees.  Jeff dutifully wrapped the tape around her bicep as best he could and then Rebecca brought her forearm in, squeezed her fist tight and bulged her bicep into a thick ball that pulled the tape taught.  Jeff gulped as he read off the number.

“Wow Rebecca, your bicep is 16 inches around!  That’s huge!”

Rebecca chuckled.  “No, that’s just my starting point.  Let’s see just how big and strong and hard and powerful my biceps can grow.  Let’s see if I even have a limit to anything.”

With that Rebecca moved her thickening forearm back and forth, squeezing her fist hard at each apex to cause her bicep to jump higher, harder and more defined with each flex.  Jeff was beside himself and his erection, temporarily muted when Rebecca went up to the front, was now back stronger than ever.  And he didn’t care as he continued to read the numbers and Rebecca’s bicep grew larger and larger with mind-blowing definition and an incredible peak!

“Uh, now it’s 17, now it’s 18, now it’s 19 inches, uh wow, now it’s 20 inches around. This is incredible!”

Rebecca nodded and beamed, feeling the powerful energy course through her veins and pumping her muscles into mounds of rippling, vein covered living steel!  Her heart skipped knowing that this is what Jeff’s deepest desire sought.  She was going to please him no matter what!  And she knew exactly what he wanted, verbalizing what was now a shared passion.

“And these muscles keep on growing stronger and stronger too!  I’ll bet I can curl four hundred pounds with one arm!”

Steve, the large lineman who along with his teammate Tom had been listening and watching, scoffed.  “No fucking way.  I don’t know how you’re doing this crazy shit, but there is no way you could curl 400 pounds with one arm.”

Rebecca stopped her flexing, turned to stare at both boys and bringing up her left arm, flexed down hard and with a tight squeeze, quickly bulling up her left bicep to match the massive size and shocking definition of her right arm.  Her triceps dipped low with feathered definition, her softball-sized bicep showcased more striations than any bodybuilder could hope to achieve and her bicep peak pushed up like a mountaintop.  Rebecca’s massive rippling bicep was a biology-busting mound of perfection.  And to Rebecca, her muscles could also be something to use for intimidation.

“No?  Well tell you what.  Try and pull my arm down.  Grab my forearm and try to pull it down.  You can even use both arms.  Then we’ll have a feeling just how strong I am.”

Without a second thought, Steve moved forward and wrapped his large hands around Rebecca’s surprisingly thick forearms.  The dichotomy between her slender hands and slip wrists toward bullish 12-inch circumference forearms was disconcerting to Steve, and his expression betrayed his bravado.  Seeing his confused look, Rebecca gave Steve a silent nod and confident smirk on her beautiful face.  Steve followed with a sniff to build up his internal confidence and he squeezed down hard, hoping to make her yelp in pain, but instead quickly found very little, if any give!  Her skin was soft, but her muscles were rock hard!  Rebecca smiled back at Jeff, who had pulled the tape off her bulging arm, and giggled.

“Stand by Jeff.  This won’t take long.”

Rebecca brought her right hand down and placing her hand on her hip, braced herself as Steve grunted and began to pull against Rebecca’s forearm.  With barely any effect!  Rebecca’s arm shook for a moment, but was quickly steadied into a statue.  Soon Steve, all 6 foot 3 and 275 pounds of senior lineman bulk, had his arms extended and was pulling with all his weight and strength.  To his shock, Rebecca’s arm barely waved, but her bicep, flexing into action, continued to expand and hardened as her strength grew.  Jeff’s eyes bugged out at the size of her biceps, which appeared to have added two more inches in girth and were now clearly larger than Steve’s biceps.  

And to the continued surprise of everyone in the room at this point, Rebecca pulled up her free arm toward her ruby lips, feigned a yawn and looked over at Tom.

“It appears Steve could use some help, why don’t you give him a hand.  Let’s see if the two starting tackles for the State champion football team can move one teen-age volleyball girl arm.”

As Steve caught his breath and Tom moved forward, Rebecca winked at Jeff, who had taken a step back to take in the incredible strength test, which he now knew was only going to make her stronger and more muscular.  Turning her attention back to her left arm, Rebecca smiled as Tom moved in and found a spot near her wrist and on top of one of Steve’s hands to get a grip on Rebecca’s forearm.  The two large boys looked at each, nodded, and then turned their attention toward Rebecca, who once again shifted her stance slightly to accept the added weight.  With a slight giggle and moan from Rebecca, both boys pulled against Rebecca’s one arm.

And to the unceasing shock of everyone looking on, her forearm didn’t move!  However, the added stress caused her bicep to flex hard and expand with reckless abandon!  As Rebecca focused her energy on the two large boys pulling for all they were worth and straining mightily, her bicep crystallized with mind blowing definition and expanded up to 24 inches around with the first stress and continued to add hard, rippling muscle, pushing her mighty peak higher and higher, harder and harder, stronger and stronger!  Rebecca chortled.

“Come on boys!  Is this all the harder you can pull on my one girlish arm?  Am I really this strong?”

Both boys grunted and giving up all pretenses, they each brought up a foot to press against her surging muscular form, with Steve placing his left foot on Rebecca’s hard ass cheek and Tom placing his right foot on her thick thigh.  Within moments both boys were grunting hard and had lifted their other foot off the ground to try and find additional space on her glutes and thighs and surprisingly finding some!  The renewed effort by Steve and Tom caused Rebecca to moan seductively.

“Oh yeah boys, pull for all your worth!  You’re only making me STRONGER!  And driving my massive girl muscles even LARGER!”

Jeff stared with wide eyes and an erection that just wouldn’t quit as Rebecca’s bicep expanded even larger, pushing toward 28 inches around with shredded definition and a hard, throbbing, sharp peak!  He doubted there was a woman alive who could match the size, much less the detail of the bicep being flexed up by the massive teen-age girl!

After several seconds, Rebecca’s bicep stopped growing and the pressure from both boys was hardly being felt!  With a knowing snort, Rebecca shifted her head to stare at both boys.

“Well sorry to say Steve and Tom, but you are never going to move my arm!  And I’ve already grown so strong that even if you brought the rest of the offensive line in you still wouldn’t be able to pull my arm down!  You mocked my ability to curl 400 pounds?  Well now I feel like I can curl four THOUSAND pounds!”

As Jeff gasped at the prospect of Rebecca being THAT strong, Rebecca flicked her wrist and pushed both boys back!  They lost their grip and tumbled backward, crashing into each other and lying in a heap on the floor.  Mr. Miller peered up from his computer as the rest of the class gasped.

Rebecca smiled at Steve and Tom for a moment and turned back toward Jeff.

“I feel soooooo powerful Jeff!  Like I have no limit.  And I don’t want to have a limit!  Just like I know YOU don’t want me to have a limit!”

Rebecca pulled her arms down to the side, leaned forward and flexed her chest hard.  Her muscles all ground forth in waves of expansion, strength, size, thickness and pure power, pushing her t-shirt out to the limit and beyond, ripping the material up the sides, down the back and across her now pulsing, pounding pectorals!  The athletic bra below stretched out, but was tearing and ripping as well, exposing more and more rippling pink, slightly freckled muscles for all to see!  Jeff gulped as Rebecca smiled at him as she continued to flex her upper body, no longer caring about her outfit or the fact that everyone in class was now staring with wide eyes at the growing super Amazon before them!

“Oh yeah!  This is freaking awesome!  The feeling of my growing strength, pounding power and roaring muscle expansion is erotic for both of us Jeff.  And there is no reason to stop!”

Rebecca stepped out of her flats, flipped her long red hair over her thick shoulders, spread her stance, stood on her toes and with her arms bent down at her sides, flexed ALL of her muscles in a frenzy of female muscle growth, quickly completing the destruction of her entire outfit!  Her meaty thighs shredded the Capris with several loud rips, destroying the pants and exposing the massive, defined 50-inch circumference thighs of a muscle goddess that continued to grow even bigger!  Her quads were cut brutally into pulsing slabs of mega muscles larger than bags of cement as her inner quads nearly touched, her front quads hung over her knees in perfect teardrops so thick the shadow pushed down to her shins, and her outer quads were so huge and detailed that they alone were larger than Tom’s entire thigh!  Shifting her stance on her toes, her calf muscles blew out to 30 inches of incredible girth, round, hard and shredded beyond belief!  Flexing the muscles on her upper body, the t-shirt tore brutally, slitting away in sections and sliding off her 6 foot 2 inch tall body, exposing her shredded, veiny 8 pack abs on her foot wide midsection along with tight, ripped oblique muscles that swept out to lats that continued to push outward toward four feet wide with mounds of detailed thickness!  Leaning forward a bit, Rebecca smiled at Jeff as she tensed her chest harder and the sports bra groaned and ripped against the onslaught, pushing out in a losing effort to contain her mighty pectoral muscles that were surging forward toward 6 inches thick, with deep pectoral cleavage that split the muscles up to her neck and alternately pressed against each other as Rebecca flexed either side in an erotic display of muscle growth and control!  As more and more chest muscle was exposed, Jeff stared slack jawed at the meaty thickness, the pulsing veins and the striation lines running across each foot long, 8 inch deep, still growing pectoral muscles!  Her nipples were barely contained within the shrinking material and pushed out like twin bullets as her excitement, desire and erotic swelling continued!  Sighing with lustful power, Rebecca’s flexed her biceps at her sides larger than twin ripped pink cantaloupes backed by thick, meaty, 4 inch thick horseshoe shaped triceps muscles!  Within moments of starting her flexing, Rebecca had transformed into the most muscular, strongest, sexiest human on the planet!

One more hard inhale and flex would complete the destruction of her outfit, and as every boy and girl stared on, frozen silent and in many cases pulled into the erotic muscle display with their own tingles of excitement, Mr. Miller spoke up just as the bell rung.

“Ms. Ryan!  That will be enough!”

Shocked out of her muscle flexing trance momentarily due to the reflexive response of an adult command, Rebecca placed her heals on the ground and stopped flexing.  Her surprised look didn’t last as she smirked at her teacher.

“What’s the matter Mr. Miller?  I was just stretching my muscles.”

Mr. Miller, red faced as he stood up, was sporting a boner like he had never sported before.  A quick scan by Jeff indicated that he and Mr. Miller weren’t the only ones turned on by Rebecca’s assent toward an Amazonian goddess of strength and muscle as every boy appeared to be sporting wood and every girl had their hands on their crotch or even down their pants.

When Mr. Miller didn’t respond, she chuckled and reached down to the waist of her ruined Capris.  Mr. Miller choked out.

“Class dismissed.  Now please clear out, I have an open period next and need to get to my office.”

The students didn’t move, still enthralled with Rebecca and wondering what she planned to do next.  Rebecca smirked, reached her finger under the elastic band and pulled, ripping off the remains of her pants and dropping them to the ground, exposing every square inch of her male heavyweight bodybuilder crushing legs in all of their massive, shredded glory.  Her white panties looked tiny and strained, and for those few behind her, could see the back was pulled into a thong thanks to twin half bowling ball sized ripped glutes.  As everyone stood their still stunned, Rebecca reached out to the collar of her shirt and pulled than off with the same quick rip of ruined material and dropped the remains of her t-shirt on the ground, leaving her upper body barely covered by the overstressed and hopelessly torn athletic top.  She chuckled as she reached toward the bra.

“Yes, every student but Jeff needs to leave now.”

Groans filled the room and it was now clear who had the authority in this class and likely now the entire school.  Jeff huffed a bit and Mr. Miller remained transfixed as the students slowly moved out of the class.  Rebecca held her stare on Mr. Miller, only glancing and smiling at Jeff for a few moments.

Soon the room was emptied but for three people and Tom was the last one out, reluctantly shutting the door behind him.  Mr. Miller finally pulled up enough courage to talk.

“I have no idea how you were able to do that Rebecca, but you and Jeff need to leave now as well.  And Rebecca, you need to find some acceptable clothes.  You won’t be able to walk around like that, much less attend your next class.”

Rebecca flipped her long, wild auburn hair back and forth a few times, which was now thicker and more vibrant than ever.  She battered her long lashes and stared at Mr. Miller with her glowing green eyes.  Both Jeff and Mr. Miller gulped.  Was she even more beautiful now than she was when she walked into class?  Their racing pulses seemed to think so.  With a mischievous grin on her beautiful, vibrant face, Rebecca reached up to the straining strap on her bra and not leaving her seductive stare toward Mr. Miller, pulled quickly and yanked the top off and fully extending her arm out, unceremoniously dropped the ruined bra to the ground, leaving her shockingly topless.  Jeff shuddered at the sight and Mr. Miller’s erection, temporarily deflated after he initially yelled at Rebecca, visible pulsed.  Her upper body was filled with more muscle than any woman or man had ever built before and with her narrow midsection, she presented an incredible, seemingly impossible T shape with football sized shoulders, strong traps and a legendary four foot wide set of lats.  But it was her chest, her magnificent pectoral wonderment, which pulled in the eyes and minds of both men.  Chiseled, granite pectorals pulsed and flexed up ten mouthwatering inches thick and spread across the expanse of her upper body to the point of lunacy.  Striations etched across the 40-inch distance from one massive shoulder to the next.  Pumped up teen-age girl pectoral muscle pushed up to her neck and a foot and half down to the top of her 8 pack granite abdominals.  Two-inch diameter areolas and bullet nipples ordained each corner of her beyond massive, shredded, vein covered, twitching pectorals of a young goddess.  Rebecca chuckled at the slack jawed response of both men, with Jeff the one she really cared about, but with Mr. Miller the one she needed to dominate.  She pulsed her mighty pecs up and down a few times like twin muscle pistons, feeling the overwhelming strength and power flow through her veins and into her mighty, totally jacked up Supergirl muscles.

“From now on, I’ll be dressing however I please and doing whatever I desire.  These mighty pecs can bench press a fully loaded school bus, pressing the whole damn thing over my head and providing the strength to hold it there with one arm.  These mighty teen-age girl muscles are beyond bulletproof.  Beyond strong.  And the more I flex them, the larger, harder and stronger they will become.  I am nothing short of muscle goddess.  One who clearly turns you on.  And one you won’t be telling what to do.  Ever again.”

Mr. Miller’s feeling of uncontrolled lust turned toward dread.  He reached for his phone to dial for help, but Rebecca pounced forward so quickly she was a blur.  Knocking over a few desks with noisy crashes, she reached Mr. Miller in a moment with her long, powerful legs and pulling her massive right arm up and balling her hand into a fist, pulled her muscle loaded arm down on top of his desk and crashing through the thick wood like it was paper with a horrible CRUNCH!  Mr. Miller yelped with shock and his phone fell the ground as the desk lurched toward the center and splinters flew around.  Rebecca pulled her arm up and the desk collapsed inward.  Rebecca reached out to the middle to grab either end and with a quick flick of her wrists, sent both halves of his desk crashing against the opposite walls.  Mr. Miller raised his arms defensively and shook with fear.  Rebecca smirked, reached out, grabbed the 5 foot 4 inch tall pudgy middle age man by his shirt and easily pulled him off the ground, his feet dangling two feet above the floor.

“Calling for help is not an option!  You can head into your office and stay there.  Jeff and I are going to have a little fun before we venture out, and I don’t want to be interrupted.  Is that clear?”

Mr. Miller nodded fearfully as he stared into her angry green eyes, his penis still harder than ever despite his predicament.  Rebecca relaxed her hard gaze and smiled.

“Good then.  I’m happy we have an understanding.”

Rebecca brought him to the ground and stared down at him from her superior height, width and overall mass and nodded her head toward his office.  He gulped and shuffled off, pulling the door shut behind him.

Jeff, frozen in the same spot, was breathing heavy, but still managed to verbalize a thought.

“I think he has a phone in there.”

Rebecca smiled as she stalked toward Jeff.

“Yeah, but I think he’ll have me on his mind for a while.”

Jeff gulped, surprised that he somehow hadn’t come in this pants at this point.  Rebecca stood next to him and smiled brightly.  She was not only five inches taller, but now that she was twice his width and had way more than twice his muscle mass, he felt even smaller.  But that only made Rebecca sexier!  His simple text had created the woman of his dreams and the dream was apparently far from over.  Rebecca moved closer to Jeff and pulling her arm out she glanced down at the tape measurer still clutched in his hand.

“Now I do believe you were measuring by bicep when we were interrupted.  My petrified girl muscle is already larger, but let’s see if I can squeeze some more size into these bulging biceps and gain even more earth crushing strength.”

Jeff’s breath grew shallow and nodding his head, Rebecca chuckled lightly, brought her arm up and allowed Jeff to pull the tape around her massive lower arm.  His hands shaking with anticipation, he succeeded in getting the tape set and gasped as he saw that her un-flexed bicep was 29 inches around.  His eyes widened at the sight and he looked over at Rebecca’s happy, lustful eyes.

“Your bicep is already 29 inches around and you haven’t even flexed.  That is incredible.”

As Rebecca wiggled her fingers in her fist and tensed gently, she sighed lustfully.

“You think so?  What is the world record?”

Jeff blinked.  He knew the answer as he had always dreamed of girls owning the record.  Gulping, and certain that those dreams were about to come true, he nearly choked out.

“Uh, thirty…..thirty two, maybe up to thirty four inches.”

Rebecca nodded and licking her ruby lips glanced between her bicep and Jeff’s wide eyes.

“Well, that sounds like a challenge.  Of course you know that the larger these muscles flex, the sssssssstrong I become.  Give me a few more flexes and I’ll be strong enough to curl that fully loaded school bus with this one girlish arm.  Can you just imagine a teen-age girl being THAT strong?  That powerful?  I know I can.  I can just feel the electric surges of powerful energy course through my body and pound into my mighty muscles!  I am unstoppable!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

As Rebecca growled and Jeff nearly lost it, Rebecca tensed her fist hard and flexed down, pushing mounds of diamond hard muscle into her already massive, cut and perfectly shaped bicep!  Jeff watched as the tape pulled taught and then rubbed across his fingers against the expansion of mega girl muscles.  30 inches moved to 31, to 32, to 33, to 34, to 35 and up to 36 inches around in a matter of moments!  Rebecca paused to let Jeff catch his breath as she could tell he was about ready to cream his jeans.  Grunting again as his face turned red, he was able to verbalize the number he was staring at.

“My, my goodness Rebecca, your biceps is now 3 feet around!  That’s larger than most girl’s chests!  This is insane!”

Rebecca chuckled, causing her massive pectoral muscles to surge and ripple in waves of unrelenting mass and strength, popping her nipples out a good inch due to her own excitement.

“Yes, I know.  Do you want me to go bigger?  To grow even stronger?  I can, you know.  As big as you want.  As strong as you can imagine!  Want me to lift an M1 Tank?  A train engine?  Want me to flex my bicep larger than any man’s chest?”

Jeff could take no more and came hard, bucking slightly and losing his grip on the tape.  Rebecca laughed and pulled her arm down to release her flex and reach out to pull Jeff closer, even as he continued to come in his pants.  She gave him a passionate kiss that nearly pulled the breath from Jeff’s lungs.  His body went limp, but she easily held him up to stare into his glassy eyes.

“So Jeff, I think we need to find somewhere else to go.  How about my house?”

Jeff coughed, catching his breath and staring up into the most beautiful face he had ever seen.  Rebecca’s expression softened and she pushed her long red hair away from her face.  With a deep sigh, Jeff smiled weakly.

“But we still have the rest of the school day, to, uh….”

Rebecca beamed with a happy, loving smile.

“Oh, I think we can catch up with everyone tomorrow.  After all, Mr. Miller did tell me to find some appropriate clothes.  I can’t just walk around naked, now can I?”

Jeff smiled back and nodded.  “Uh, no, I guess not.”

Reaching down with her left arm, Rebecca scooped up Jeff’s legs and cradled him against her massive pectoral muscles, nearly engulfing him against the most muscular upper body ever flexed by anyone.

“Then we’d better get home to find me some clothes and take care of that issue with your jeans.”

Smiling weakly and allowing Rebecca to do whatever she wanted, Jeff nestled in as best he could as she walked toward the classroom door and out toward his wildest fantasies.

As Rebecca opened the door and headed down the hallway to the side door out of the school, he mentally thought about sending a thank you note to his Aunt.  A really wonderful thank you note!

The Re-Do App
So this is a story several years in the making.  I have different versions and even considered creating a interactive story line to put in different scenarios.  I scrapped that idea a while ago and settled into a previous version of this.  The problem with the general story line is the fact that it takes place in high school, meaning that characters under the magical age of 18 would be normal.  That is something I won't publish on DA for obvious reasons.  The problem is that high school is a great setting, with cliques, hormones, uneasiness and general stages of awkwardness.  While college can offer some of this, it really isn't the same.

So that said, I took a standard trope and used it to essentially put together a long scene.  This one is appropriate for Christmas time I think.  Interestingly, the other story I had wanted to publish first is actually based at Christmas time and is less Christmassy (assuming that is a word), or to be politically correct, less Holiday-ish.  Either way, we'll see if I have the gumption to post that story before January 2 as I also work on another thing.

So, for anyone that actually read all that drivel, on with the story!
Hey all!  Year end and I actually have some free mornings to write.  I'm working on something private, but also have two stories I should be able to post by Jan 1.  There will also be a few more commissions coming your way as well.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Haven't written a journal for quite a while and am doing so at the end of the day getting ready for another work week.

To catch up a bit, I did get some writing in last week, but it was a bit hit and miss.  The good thing is that I actually have a private commission pretty far along, the second part to the Interview Improved nearly done and a third story that I pulled from several spattering writings.  So expect to see something soon.

I have a few more commissions to share and will get those out as well by the end of July.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I must have had fun because I felt awful the next day. :-)
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