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Bridgit Mendler WW Tank Destroy by AleBorgo
Dumped the tank because it was too light.  Time to find a couple of cargo aircraft to perform some curls.  These biceps are just too strong!

Second cool art commissioned by

He posted this on his site, but I posted the larger version here for everyone to enjoy!  He was great to work with, so check him out!
Bridgit Mendler 10 by Musclexx
I've been holding on to submitting this from the incredible or Musclexx for a very long time.  I went back and forth with deciding about adding some cover to the original and finally decided not to hold out any longer.  Of the 10 drawings he did for me, this is his masterpiece for me.

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As an aspiring journalist in the post newspaper era, web businesses are where a lot of people now head, and that included me, Justin White.  Having been a huge fan of Bridgit Mendler, I was thrilled when my employer assigned me to interview her.  However, at the interview I was disappointed by how far she had fallen from Hollywood standards.  But I had an unknown ace up my sleeve with a computer application that could magically change events but had an issue in that dark magic didn’t always provide the best results.  Unfortunately, up to that point the Ap had been a failure.  But with a feeling of desperation, I tried the Ap one more time.  And this time it worked!  However, in my lust and clouded judgment I had changed the innocent, average Bridgit Mendler into a not at all innocent, no longer average, super sexy, muscle bulging super woman.  And she was heading us down a path that was both arousing and terrifying.  We had left the interview at the diner to work out together and now found ourselves in some MIT laboratory and weight filled warehouse ready to lift weights and very likely have carnal relations.  While I was thrilled at the prospects of getting closer to the improved Bridgit, my concern about her being the strongest person on earth with the ability to grow even stronger thanks to my opened ended entry was only growing.

As we slowly walked into the building, the female assistant headed toward us.  She appeared to be no more than 5 feet tall with dark hair pulled into a severe bun on the back of her head, dark glasses and a white lab coat that touched the ground.  She had some type of electronic pad that she swung to her side.  As she approached, she glanced at me and then looked directly at Bridgit.

“Are you sure you want to do this?  Noah and I are willing to help out here, but I worry that Jeff will not be happy.”

Bridgit turned to look at me.  “Jeff is the project leader.”

She turned back toward the assistant.  “Look Cindy, Jeff is in too tight with Homeland Security.  They have been looking for an excuse to pull me out of here to parts unknown.  I’m not about to let that happen.”

Cindy nervously straightened glasses that appeared to be already straight.

“Well OK, but do you really think you’re capable of well, growing that powerful?”

Bridgit now smiled mischievously and gave me a side-glance.

“With a little help from my friend Justin here, I’m feeling pretty good about my abilities.”

Still holding my gym bag, I nervously gripped the material and looked around for the changing rooms, both worried and knowing I had missed out on their previous conversations.  Smiling weakly I looked back at Bridgit, still engrossed with her beauty and my latent desires and dreams.

“So, uh, where can I change?”

Cindy clutched her pad a bit harder and turned back toward what must have been her workstation in front of one the larger machines.  Bridgit laughed lightly.

“You can head around the large machine to my right.  I’ll work with Noah on the computations, lasers, and security along with the weight machine protocols.  Shouldn’t take long.”

Gulping and nodding, I turned toward the large machine she had pointed to.  As I walked around the structure it was evidently a machine with weights on either end connected to a center bar.  Only the size of the weights was ridiculous.  Each one was labeled 5 tons and was a foot thick, 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and the stacks were 10 high.  And it appeared that there were more weights underground.  I couldn’t conceive of anyone being strong enough to use this.  Bridgit had mentioned being able to curl several tons with one arm and that she was holding back.  Could she really be strong enough to use this machine?  If she could, what could she do to me?  As my libido ran wild, the warning bells were dulled and I quickly changed, nervous that someone would walk over.  I could hear Bridgit talk and after a few moments it became clear that Bridgit was instructing the man and even talking down to him as she took over to make a few changes he seemed incapable of performing.

With my white tank top and black workout shorts on, I slipped into my weightlifting shoes, so I could at least look the part.  There was no way I was going to be much use to her in a workout, but letting out a nervous sigh, my penis twitched at what kind of workout she had in mind.  Having sex with Bridgit had always been a fantasy, but she was now so strong she could rip me in half.  And on top of that there would be people watching.  Neither of those fit into my fantasy, but I was clearly no longer in charge of where this was heading.  The computer with the Ap I had used to create this crazy reality was locked in Bridgit’s car in the parking lot outside and I was locked in this huge warehouse.  I was trapped in my fantasy world, but figured to make the best of the situation anyway.  Pulling in another breath to contain my nervous excitement I walked around the huge stacks of metal and put on my best smile.

Bridgit was still standing at a console, typing away.  Noah sat in a chair staring at the screen, looking a bit confused and frustrated.  She appeared to finish and pointed at the screen.

“There.  The laser measuring equipment is now calibrated based on the measurements taken two days ago and linked into the new equipment.  You can now activate the device from here, along with keeping up with weight increases and video monitoring and recording.  The program will run the analytics and predictive algorithms.”

As I walked closer, Bridgit stood up and smiling seductively, gave me the once over.

“OK Noah, you can take it from here.  Justin, it’s time for our workout.”

Bridgit sauntered toward me and as she drew closer my pulse picked up.  Damn she was beautiful and considering her enormous, wildly curvy bulk, she carried herself like a super model.  I coughed as she reached me and I looked down into her lustful eyes.

“I, uh, don’t you need to change?”

Her eyes sparkled and with a mischievous grin that pushed those mesmerizing dimples out, she turned around and pulled her thick long blonde hair off her back and over her bulging left shoulder, exposing her wide, densely muscled back.

“Unzip my dress please.  Then we can get started.”

With nervous hands I reached over and found the top of the zipper and slowly pulled down, exposing more and more of the broadest, thickest, most muscular laden back I had ever seen.  Bumps and grooves and slabs of female strength and power writhed beneath the surface of her thin, silky alabaster skin like tectonic plates of female dominance.  I reached the bottom of the seam at the swell of her back near her perfectly muscled, twin half bowling ball glutes and releasing the clasp, pulled my hand away.

Bridgit moaned with delight and reached up to pull the strap off her left shoulder and then used her other small hand to pull off the strap from her right.  The dress dropped, but hung up around her bulging thighs and she reached down, shimmied her hips sexily and leaning over, pushed the dress to the ground.  She pulled the straps of her sandals off her heels, stood up and stepped out of her entire outfit.  I let out a soft moan as my entire body shivered.  Bridgit was completely naked!  My estimation about her having on no underwear was confirmed.  And as my eyes widened, Bridgit turned around, flipping her long, radiant blonde hair over her shoulder, pressed out one hip and placing her hands on those super sexy hips stared into my stunned eyes.

“Workout clothes are a waste for me.  I just tend to rip right out of them at this point.  I’m sure you won’t mind.”

My frozen, wide-eyed expression caused Bridgit to giggle gently as for some reason I felt obligated to keep my vision on her beautiful face instead of staring at her gloriously naked form.  Shaking her head, she reached out and clasped my right hand, pulling me gently, but firmly toward the huge weights I had changed behind.

“Come on stud.  Try and hold it together before I start lifting and flexing.”

Glancing toward Noah and Cindy as they took seats at what appeared to be the control center, Bridgit followed my eyes toward her colleagues, back to me, then toward the thick bar in the center of the two massive stacks of weighs.

“Don’t worry about Noah and Cindy.  They’re used to my naked, massively muscled form.  Although even they may not be ready for what is to come.”

Bridgit snickered at the word “come”, and as we neared the bar, a large block of metal moved up from the floor with padding on top that was wider toward the front end.  I could only surmise this was to allow her to perform bench presses and fit her broad back.  As we both paused to wait for the bench to lock into place and still keeping my gaze above her neck, I gasped at her beauty, but pulled myself together for a question.

“You seemed to be quite adept at the programming.  Is that something you included in your curriculum?’

Bridgit glanced at me and smiled, keeping her eyes on the bench as it stopped moving and underground bars could be heard sliding into place to hold the small structure.

“My intelligence has ramped up with my strength.  That is something we’ve kept under wraps.  My IQ can no longer be measured.  By all accounts I’m the smartest person alive and only growing more intelligent.  I’ve learned, mastered and improved upon every program and structure we’ve built here.  This machine was my design.  There is a basement below repurposed for wiring, additional weights, magnetics, generators, motors and gearing.”

My eyes widened again, as I was at a loss to understand how my simple texts had created this version of Bridgit Mendler.  One who was pulling me further down the rabbit hole.  My brain was looking for escape, but once Bridgit turned and slung her massive leg over the bench and sat down with her hands on those super meaty quads my brain left the building.  I could no longer just stare into her eyes as I traced her mighty muscled form in her fully naked glory.  Those small feet with dainty pink painted toes and narrow ankles belayed the massive calf muscles pressed into service as she pushed her small toes onto the metal floor, bulging and rippling her mighty calves into gigantic, swollen, rippling soccer balls of pure muscle.  Her small knees were shadowed by thighs easily four inches thick, cut into the distinct quadriceps muscles, feathered with definition, and bulled over a foot wide.  My breath quickened at the site of her clean lips and vascularity that spider webbed away from her inviting sex.  Blinking, my gaze moved up to her narrow, iron plated midsection and solid, separated and powerful 8-pack abs with each brick of muscle seemingly pressing against each other in a bid for dominance.  Solid, striated oblique muscles framed her powerful abdominals and curved away to that wider than wide back.  My gaze stopped as I stared at Bridgit’s chest and my heart skipped a beat.  Whatever I had typed or dreamed about didn’t do justice to the rack of rippling pectoral muscle and veiny, domed breasts topped off with bullet nipples.  Bridgit’s chest was a biology busting wet dream of womanly power and curves the likes of which no human had ever witnessed before!

Bridgit must have been following my eyes, because she casually flexed her right pectoral and the muscles and breast tissue merged into a granite block of striated, veiny power 8 inches thick and over 9 inches wide and 9 inches tall.  Her erect nipples pushed out a half inch and looked like they could slice through solid steel.  I gasped as she purred seductively.

“You like my chest do you?  I can sport luscious breasts with milky cleavage to outdo any Hollywood starlet and then with just a casual flex turn my entire chest in a pounding, power packed set of pectorals large enough to overcome an entire male heavyweight bodybuilder line-up!  Don’t ask me how or why, but my body control continues to expand along with my strength, size and muscle density.”

Holding her smile at my jaw-dropping stare, Bridgit flexed up the other side of her chest and ground forth a massive pectoral wall that appeared bullet proof with rippling striations, meaty thickness and goddess nipples pointing straight ahead.  Finally shaking my head, Bridgit chuckled again and lay back onto the bench.  She reached up with her immensely muscled arms and wrapped her thin fingers and small hands around the inches thick bar.  Shimming into position, she looked up at me and licked her lips.

“You can go ahead and drop those shorts and climb aboard.”

I coughed.  “Uh, you want to do it right here?  While you’re lifting?”

Bridgit smiled brightly and I melted into a dream state.

“Oh yes.  I can’t wait to share with you my massive strength and muscle control.  Besides, I’m sure you’ll love the affect a few orgasms will have on me.”

Gulping I pulled my hands down to the waistband and pulled the shorts down to my knees and let them drop to the floor.  My white underwear tented painfully and I reached for their waistband as Bridgit moaned.

“Oh yes, very nice.  I wouldn’t want to waste such a healthy erection and mess up your shorts.”

Nearly shaking, I yanked off my underwear and my penis pushed out long, hard and ready for action.  I still couldn’t believe what was about to happen!  Bridgit turned her head toward her two classmates.

“Let’s start with 10 tons.  Should be good for a warm-up.”

As I moved up next to her, feeling as excited as I have ever felt, I let out a gasp.  10 tons?  For a warm-up?  As I heard the machine lock in the plates, Bridgit smiled at me as I was trying to decide how best to get in position.

“Don’t worry about hurting me stud.  Climb aboard and feel me soar.”

Already sweating, I threw caution to the wind and did as she directed, pulling my right leg over her legs and leaning into her beautifully muscled frame.  As I climbed onto her achingly beautiful body I was both surprised that there was some give and that her skin was so soft.  The give quickly vanished as I pressed down on her magnificent chest and the breast tissue hardened under my hands, rising an inch.  Moving my knees onto her thick thighs, she didn’t flex her huge quads, allowing me to hold my position with my member now inches from her waiting sex.  My breath quickened and Bridgit stared into my eyes with excitement and lust, pulled the bar off the stand and allowed the bar to drop near her massive chest and just away from my hands.  More gearing ground into place and with a exhale through her nose, I could feel her pectorals muscles writhe beneath her thin, velvet skin as she pulled in another breath, pushing her incredible, rippling pectorals AND the bar upward!  The bar moved smoothly as her chest surged a good nine inches above her narrow, pretty neck until her arms locked.  With one more surprised gasp at the realization Bridgit just benched 10 tons with apparent ease, I could take no more and lowered my hard shaft toward her waiting, wet vagina.  As the tip hit her lips, I groaned, as I was unable to achieve any penetration.  With a smirk at me to indicate that she had complete control over the situation, she nodded her head and my second thrust was successful and I pushed her lips apart and slowly entered, I could feel her vagina walls tense and pull me in.  Thrusting more, I was soon into a rhythm, shared by Bridgit as she pumped out another rep with 10 tons and pumped me with the massive weight!  As we initiated our tempo, Bridgit shouted out a command that caused me to jerk.

“More weight!  Another 10 tons!”

I heard the now familiar locking of linkage and as I continued to move in and out with great help from Bridgit, I peered up to watch two sets of huge steel slabs move upward as Bridgit continued to pump impossible weights like it was her job!  I looked back into her beautiful, serious face as she concentrated on both the incredible sex and the super human strength feat.

As I continued to pump and pump, I could feel Bridgit taking control she was pulling me in harder and then with incredible control, moved me back out in what was becoming the most erotic and yet painful round of sex I had ever had.  Wave after wave of pleasure and pain shot from my penis and up through my entire body as I tensed every muscle in an attempt to keep up with the ride of my life.  My breath became more labored and I could see sweat forming along Bridgit’s forehead, when she nearly yelled out.

“Ahhhh!  More weight.  More WEIGHT!  Add another 10 tons!”

I pressed down onto her monumental chest, feeling the heat and energy rumbling in her super human muscles as she brought the thick bar down and huffed from exertion.  She was also pulling me in harder now and I grunted as I neared release, feeling heavy, incredible vibrations emanate from her pussy walls as Bridgit took complete control of the thrusting and I shifted to stay on her hardening and expanding muscles and not move off.  The loud metallic clicks completed and with a loud grunt, Bridgit moved the 30 ton weight upward with shaking, bulging arms of a goddess.  Her triceps exploded out toward nine inches thick as her mighty pectorals pushed up to nearly a foot thick!  My grip on her now steel hard chest was wavering as we continued to thrust and thrust, push and tug until her skin became slick with sweat and her movements pressing the weight up and down shifted her position.

Gasping for air and grunting with even more pain and pleasure, the incredible finally happened when Bridgit pressed the 30 ton weight and we came simultaneously.  We screamed together and I strained my entire body to maintain balance and cum and cum.  Bridgit somehow held the bar high as her orgasm nearly crushed my penis in undulating waves, causing me to jerk with pain and grunt loudly.

We continued to moan and grunt as I bucked and was bucked, with Bridgit continuing to crush my penis as she came and came!  Nearly exhausted, I held on for dear life as I finally finished with a full body shiver that shook me to my very core.  Bridgit could feel my movements slow and looked up with wild eyes.

“No!  Not yet!”

I yelped in supreme pain as she clamped down and rolled my penis up and down several more times until she let out one final orgasmic scream and finally released my withering penis from her vice grip.  Her entire body was hot and tingled with the energy of a power plant as sweat gleaned across the striation ridges of her gigantic muscles.  Righting myself I pulled out and sat back, balancing across her massive, shredded quads with my hands down on her perfect granite 8 pack abs.  My penis appeared to have survived with minimal damage somehow and I let out a thankful breath just as Bridgit let a shiver permeate across her body that felt like I was riding a mechanical bull.  With a pleasurable sigh, Bridgit peered up over her foot thick pectorals mounds of striated, rumbling muscle and erect inch long nipples.

“That was something to remember.  That is until we do it again.”

I mumbled painfully under my still labored breath as Bridgit smiled, licked her lips and announced with delightful, silky tones.

“Add another 30 tons.”

My eyes widened and I heard Cindy and Noah whisper a bit before Cindy spoke up with her mousy voice.

“Bridgit, the weight is already at 30 tons.  Adding 30 more would double what you were struggling with moments ago.  60 tons is a weight we weren’t expecting you to hit for months.”

Bridgit shot a smile up at me that took my breath away.

“Yes, I know.  But indulge me and do it anyway.”

There was a short pause as her two classmates spoke softly before Noah shook his head and worked the controls, causing the gears to grind and click.  With the bar near her chest, the added weight brought the bar down to her muscles and press slightly in.  I had to wonder if perhaps the afterglow from our encounter had given her delusions of grandeur.  But as I watched and felt the energy pulse across her body, Bridgit let out a sexy, pleasurable groan and with a single grunt, powered the bar and the twelve massive blocks of compressed metal upward until her arms locked.

I heard Noah and Cindy gasp as my jaw dropped back open.  Bridgit giggled lightly, held the massive weight with unwavering arms and with impossible ease, brought the bar back down, then pressed it up again.  And again. And again.  After 10 perfectly performed repetitions, she allowed the weight to come back down instead of racking the bar.  Staring back into my shocked eyes and feeling another erection somehow begin to form along her abs, Bridgit licked her lips.

“Looks like today is the day I become Super Bridgit!”

Turning her head toward her MIT friends she practically laughed.

“Add another 20 tons!”

To be continued.
An Interview Improved, Part 2
This one was done first on my list and instead of waiting to add more content I figured to post it now.

Warning!  This has strong sexual content.
Haven't written a journal for quite a while and am doing so at the end of the day getting ready for another work week.

To catch up a bit, I did get some writing in last week, but it was a bit hit and miss.  The good thing is that I actually have a private commission pretty far along, the second part to the Interview Improved nearly done and a third story that I pulled from several spattering writings.  So expect to see something soon.

I have a few more commissions to share and will get those out as well by the end of July.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I must have had fun because I felt awful the next day. :-)
  • Listening to: Mix from music library
  • Reading: Program Manager books
  • Watching: My grass grow
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Haven't written a journal for quite a while and am doing so at the end of the day getting ready for another work week.

To catch up a bit, I did get some writing in last week, but it was a bit hit and miss.  The good thing is that I actually have a private commission pretty far along, the second part to the Interview Improved nearly done and a third story that I pulled from several spattering writings.  So expect to see something soon.

I have a few more commissions to share and will get those out as well by the end of July.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I must have had fun because I felt awful the next day. :-)
  • Listening to: Mix from music library
  • Reading: Program Manager books
  • Watching: My grass grow
  • Playing: DC Legends
  • Eating: Brats
  • Drinking: Coffee and beer (not at the same time)


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