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I opened a blog on the tumblr. I will be glad to see you there.  


Subscribe to be always up to date, because the most depraved arts, I will upload it there.
One talented artist (and just a good guy) :iconsirzi: made a griffon version of my OC. Check him out, he's pretty good. 
U_piter by Sirzi
My close friend :iconvistamage: made ​​the animatic.


My friend started a new project. There's even a place was found for me.
Video gaming news digest for the week. Alas, only in Russian. But you can sign up - it's very help us.

Мой друг начал новый проект. Там даже для меня место нашлось.
Видео дайджест игровых новостей за неделю. Увы только на русском. Но вы можете подписаться - это очень нам поможет.


Hi all!

There are some new amazing stuffs on the Shirts4Bronies site with my new artworks!
No passing by, make your life 20% cooler!

And again: If you have any proposals about adding some other artworks of mine to the store - feel free to inform me!
Dear friends, in view of the situation with my work and personal life my pictures begins to go out less often. Unfortunately, it always will be. No matter how much I would like to draw, I can't do it physically. Also I decided to get over with ponies. No, I will resume to draw them, but also there will be other themes. There are so many wonderful things that I would like to picture.
Hopefully you will understand and excuse me.
Hi, everypony!
Today I want to share with you my contacts.

Perhaps we have common taste in music.

Let's play together?


Let's be friends?


Feel free to use my artwork for t-shirts, vinyl prints, tattoos or other non-commercial purposes. If you make a wallpaper with my pictures or use them in your arts, please include a link to the original.

Не стесняйтесь использовать мои работы для футболок, виниловых наклеек, татуировок или в других некоммерческих целях. Если вы делаете обои с моими рисунками или используете их в своих работах, просьба указывать ссылку на оригинал.