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Patent by Aperture labs! ;)
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Very Nice, I like it.
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Привет, Олег Телятников.
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Reminds me of Naughty bear : PiP where the robot bears get names like B3AR or somthin.
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That's funny! RoboPony! Good work.
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I think RDash5000 has some competition -_-
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Aperture Science Laboratories' solution to the defective turrets.
I know it's not related to Portal, but you can see the resemblence.
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Видел на Табуне, это просто суперская идея!!!
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Do the rockets on its back make it a pegasus droid? really awesome droid either way XD
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looked liked it. Anyway, do you take requests? For free?
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Now I do not take orders.
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Do not want.
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"Do not want"?! dafuq are you trying to tell me?!?
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I mean, I do not want to paint to order. Even for free.
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