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Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon
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We are one with the night, sent to extirpate the light! We will cloud it! Shroud it!
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all hail the lunar republic 
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Celestia: I'll never join you. You killed my sister
NM: No. I am your sister
Welcome to the nightmare in my head!
Say hello to something scary!
The monster in your bed!
Just give in and you won't be sorry!
Welcome to my evil side!
Hello it's Mz Hyde!…
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Nightmare: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?
Twilight: " What am I doing?"
Nightmare: "Thrawting my plans?"
Twilight: "Thrawting your plans?"
Nightmare: "ARE YOU!?!"
Twilight: ".......yes"
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Hi, May I use this as a book cover?
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If you want.
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Amazing nightmare moon its really good
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Kneel before Nightmare Moon!
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An elite nightmare moon? Now this just keeps getting better and better! *revs up mk2 lancer chainsaw bayonet* yaaaaaaagh!
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Can we do a roleplay where she force feeds me until I'm fat and the next day I get bullied please?
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Nagisa Speechless Icon If whatever you're talking about is a fetish thing... you're disgusting...  
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woooooooow! is a dangerous!
My first thought:
"Oh god that's creepy let's check it out"
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I did a search for images for Nightmare Moon. Imagine the fright I got when this being the first image popped up almost in full screen. Having NM stare at you like that and bear her teeth gave me a shock. Great picture
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