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Luna Princess of Christmas

Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To Year   Merry christmas everybody  A Derpy Christmas :HappyNewYear: 
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Used here as wallpaper:
Thank you so much for making this, and Merry Christmas :D
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(insert random wolf-whistles from various stallions here) :D
Also imagining a ponified version of 'Santa Baby' playing in the background.
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Cute and very seasonal...even thou it's still a few months too early
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Submitted on December 29, 2012
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It's cute, but does anyone else find this picture slightly suggestive?
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I sort of do, but he did a really great job on this.

Maybe the eyes just seem seductive or something.
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Not just the eyes, but add that to the fact of her candy cane... I may just need to get my mind out of the gutter, but it looks very suggestive to me... and slightly seductive.
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I agree... But I still like it. 

I just try to ignore it.
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it's luna - it's always gonna be slightly suggestive
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ho ho ho santa luna.
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gah i want that hoodie 
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Princess Lunaughty.:iconlunawinkplz:
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used this for something sorry i dont know how to credit
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Nopony sexier than Luna. Add candy cane and you have an overdose of sexiness of which there is no recovery. I'm now dead at the tender age of 35. RIP.
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You're 35 but you're getting erections from sexy animals?

Cool. *backs away slowly*
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I never said I got erections from this stuff now did I? You can find something attractive without getting sexually aroused you know. I have no sexual attraction to any animal nor have I ever expressed such a thing. When I talk about sexy, I mean I find the expressions on their faces attractive. Doesn't mean I want to have sex with a horse. Get your mind out of the gutter kid.
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