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Pie, Authority, and Sex Appeal

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I think this would be their tagline/motto: "As fast as you can isn't fast enough. Join the Wonderbolts, and see how fast you can go."
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Soarin is thinking about pie.  It's literally the only character quirk he has.  XD
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That and crashing into things to get injured.
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judging by that flag I'm guessing their race car drivers. 
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So human Wonder bolts are jet pilots. That's pretty cool.
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I think I prefer them as extreme sportsmen like in mauroz's comic.
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Sign me up, and challenge me to need for speed rivals
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Somehow you make pie look awesome and badass at the same time
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The coolness is taken by Sorain and his pie
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My description in max 3 words for each one of them from right to left:
Forgettable one
Traitorous liar
Male stereotype
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Awesome! I can't decide who looks better!!
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I love how bad-ass they all look! Yes even Soarin and his pie :giggle:
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Hmmm, I wonder what Soarin is thinking about that's making him look so focused?

Soarin: (in his mind) I'm gonna get me some of that pie.
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Sorin: 'I want that pie!'       Dust: 'We're gonna kick your ass!'.    Other girl: 'Hi!'
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Giggle Is apple pie the only thing on Soarin's mind?
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Sorin's just like: I want pie
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Soarin is always thinking about pie :D
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