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When I grow up, I'll marry you!

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alditoqueridoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shining Armor: Over my dead body...

Starlight: Sunburst, can you explain yourself, please?
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Ghost-Stone Digital Artist
OMG! Shinning Armor is like,
If u even put a lip on her, i will kill u.
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Oh, come on, you two!! Can't you see a childhood crush when you see one? You clods!

And Sunburst's clearly not okay with this, so what gives?
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I know that look on his face is because of the look on Shining Armor's face
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Look at daddy Shining Armor, he looks ready to pull out a shotgun on Sunburst
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You go for it flurry heart some breast will marry you too when you're all grown up implying that he's not dead by the time you're 18😅
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Yeah, I'm gonna have to sink this ship by shipping Sunburst and Starlight
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I'm afraid I'm going to have to sink that ship by shipping Sunburst with either flurry heart and or Trixie
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need I remind you that she's an alicorn probably knows a hundred different types of spells or could be taught a hundred different types of spells that can either accelerator age or maybe make Sunburst immortal like her so she has 18 years or more to wait I still ship flurry heart with sunburst but a few years ahead
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Yeah, and I wanted Sunset Shimmer to be the friend of Starlight that had to go away, but we all have to have our dreams crushed
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Starlight and sunset are friends have you not seen in that little mini series

and it is true Sunburst and flurry will get together and here's proof derpibooru.org/1806950?q=flurr…
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Really, non-canon rule 34 art? I think you need a visit from Dr. Wolf
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shinning armor is pissed and starlight glimmer is like what the hell is she talking about 
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Shining Armor is so cool! =D
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DaymantheHSLHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh shit you better run
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AE4-UniversesHobbyist General Artist
Aaww, childhood crush's are so cute! ^^
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Um... What The Heck?
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Automan217Student Digital Artist
Sunburst: Wait, what?!
Starlight: Sorry, sweetie, but he's taken.
Shining: HE'D BETTER BE!!!

Tread lightly, Sunburst. Tread lightly.

Great job with the animated expressions and use of character color, by the way!
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I'm not into that Loli stuff. I just think Flurry looks great as if she's been EG-a-fied.
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Cute ><
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Xxdark-magicXxStudent Digital Artist
ded of cuteness
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Suguintou-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
P-please gimme moar Sunburst (QAQ)9 He's adorable!
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