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What if...?

What if Izzy wasn't the one who received Sunny's letter?
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Well, first that unicorn would not say "Hi, new friend." That's more Izzy kind of personality to say that. Second, imagine the awkwardness when Sunny asked about doing magic.


Ok, I see, it kinda embarrassment of social ankward unicorn in front of unfamiliar ponies, cute, but why it looks like she gonna say next moment something like "«w-wanna read my y-yaoi manga !? I drew everything by myself... (⁄ ⁄>⁄▽⁄<⁄ ⁄)"?

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They're blushing. Love at first sight? :love:

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what if a pegasus answered her message.

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YES!! I loved that unicorn a lot, rhyming in the café <3 She's just SO COOL!! I would so love to have an episode dedicated to her, or an alternate version of the movie with her as one of the Mane 5 <3

Love it! Would not mind if anyone made a fanfic out of this.

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"Hitch Trailblazer, you've been chosen."

LOL! But seriously, it would be neat to have a What if My Little Pony G4/G5 Multiverse, even in just fanfiction form.

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When does Party Thor arrive?

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He'll probably cause a LOT of trouble lol

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I love it! That unicorn is my favorite background pony in G5.

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Ha ha, cool idea!

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she reminded me of a beatnik version of Maud in the movie.

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This is a good looking pony.

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Will it be for a want of a nail or in spite of one?

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Heh, she seems nervous. Cute!

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Who's the other pone?

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I checked in the movie to see if I was thinking of the right character. It's that Unicorn on stage in Crystal Tea Room. I think she was talking rhymes.

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