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Reference: IDW Comics "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #33"

Drinkie Pie: Jiangshi
Rainbow Bite: Rayne (Blood Rayne 2)
Nosfu-Rarity: Vampirella

[Non-Credit Ver.]
Vampire6 No Credit by uotapo 
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All I think about when I see this image is... Wrrrryyyyyyyy............

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road roller daaaaaaaa

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They just need a galan like sonic to seduce

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Cute! Flutter bat is already canon but I love the outfit you gave her. Unless you just made the names. Ugh rarity, of course your a stripper. You remind of a succubus except your Nos-Fu Rarity, which idk what it means.

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Аt least someone remembered about the game Blood Rayne 2

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I can imagine APPLEJack as SMILING Jack from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

Even as a vampire, Pinkie Pie looks too silly to fear. Of course, this makes her the most dangerous.

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Imagine you’re running away from them for your life and just when you’re about to escape, they catch you and have their apetite with your blood. You scream in pain and beg for mercy but they don’t even listen to you. Imagine how terrifying and exciting that would be!
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All that is missing is Spike
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FlutterBat is my favorite!
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Did I just see some ancient Chinese stuff?
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yup the type of vampire she is is a jiang-shi
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Pinkie as a Jiangshi is freaking adorable!
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Twenty bits says Spike would want Nosfu-Rarity to bite him. 😉
Pinkie= Malkavian
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The puns are glorious
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AppleDrac has a whip!!!
We're going crazy???
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Great idea! :toocool:  Now,I guess that them should be more busty... ;P
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Flutterbat's outfit reminds me of Lulu from FFX.
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It's Morrigan's from Darkstalkers. I think. Her Wings are Transmorphic so she can disguise them as part of her dress.
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