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Vampire Fillies (and Werewolf Babs)

By uotapo
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*sends in vampires Tender Taps, Button Mash, Rumble, Snips, and Snails, with werewolf Pipsqueak*  :)
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Babs is like "kinda awkward being the omly werewolf in a group of vampires..." 
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Applejack, "Anybody notice the girls acting a little strange lately."
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So, is there a version of this with only Babs?
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Surprised to see Scootaloo rocking a ladylike dress while Sweetie Belle is in full trousers-and-ruffled-shirt. I'd expect them to be swapped round.
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ShadowSpring-RoseHobbyist Digital Artist
...I love my blood...please don't kill me ;-;
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Sweetie Belle, NO CAPES!!!
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sonicspeedster92Student Digital Artist
What's with the IV bag AppleBloom's rockin'?
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"So how do we divide up who to turn to our kind, and who to use as cattle?"
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Velocity0156Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, let's see here...

We have Diamond Terroria...

Shimmer Spoon...

Babs Somnus... (Somn - Prefix for Night)

Swoopaloo... (Cuz, y'know, the wings)

Sweetie Blade... (The fencing sword in her left hand)

And on the end, we have Apple Blood. There's your vampire names.
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42699Student Artist
great vampire names
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Somn- is a prefix for SLEEP. You want "noctis"
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Velocity0156Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? Y'know, that makes sense, now that you think about it, because Insomnia. Dang. Hm, let's see here...

Babs Noctiseed?
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PrinceNigelStudent Digital Artist
Weegee : Wat the f*** do u want!?
Little girls : Trick or treat!
Weegee : WTF are you all talking about?
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
Special Infected:
Diamond Tiara - Spitter
Silver Spoon - Charger
Babs Seed - Were-Tank from 'The Bloody Moors' custom campaign (Tank)
Scootaloo - Smoker
Sweetie Belle - Witch
Applebloom - Hunter
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yo, i didn't come here to play left 4 dead
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Megane-sempaiHobbyist General Artist
Hell yeah! xD
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Saro0fD3monzHobbyist Writer
I love that Sweetie appears to be a Noble Vampire. Fits my headcanon nicely. Also loving Scoots Scooter, but why does Applebloom have an IV? Not complaining, it is a nice touch, just wondering about it XD
White-Fire-The-Drgn's avatar
I think that it should be taped to her cheek instead of her arm, to give off the allusion that she's drinking the blood inside.
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TheNeoStrikeHobbyist Artist
Nonono by TheNeoStrike  
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UnluckyKitty13Student Traditional Artist
Dude, did you use Peko Pekoyama from Dangan Ronpa as reference for Silver Spoon's outfit?
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I see more Toko Fukawa.
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Look at the description.
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