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Try Again!

Character  Sunnystarscout
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Some ponies just can't accept defeat...

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Eeeup, G5 looks better on 2D than 3D.

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sunny doesn't try she wins

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How do you play a guitar without fingers?

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Sunny: "That's enough! I'm choosing the next challenge!"

Alpha: "Fine! And what game do you choose, girl?"

S: "A cooking contest..."

A: "A cooking contest? Hahaha! Like I would-"

S: "...with mayonnaise."

A: "...Beep! Boop! Ok, you won."

SammyD-Productions's avatar

Jeez, Alphabittle never learns to just give up and call it a win.XD

Loved the movie btw, it was amazing!:D

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Anyone else thinking of this song playin in the background?

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Give up, old man. She is the main character, she has plot armor.

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I was waiting for the Pong consoles to be brought out.

Sketchy-Boi's avatar

"Best of seven?..."


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Well he is determined, still very nicely done here.

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Well, at least he has determination... XD XD

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If you aren't a guitar hero, then are you even the hero at all?

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Me trying to parse Another charts be like

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If at first you don't succeed, keep trying until your opponent gets bored and leaves then pretend that's a win.

SuperCrazy123's avatar

someone'a a sore loser?

I'm not talking about the guy. . . .

I can’t wait for this movie to come out

JasonPictures's avatar

Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, and Guitar Hero.

pj202718's avatar

Betcha he has a mission statement that starts with "To protect the world from devastation."

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No one's leaving till this is settled and he'll decide when that happens

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