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This Is Our Big Night
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Published: March 10, 2019
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Apple Bloom looks like Blossom from PPGZ
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folklore17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why does Babs look like Seto Kaiba?
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Why does Applebloom looks like Blossom from Power Puff Girls the anime?
RachelandJessica23's avatar
RachelandJessica23Professional Writer
Apple Bloom's outfit looks like those uniforms that Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup wear in Powerpuff Girls Z.
sunlord9's avatar
I was thinking the very same thing.
dud12321's avatar
super cute :3 also Babs is looking like a yugioh character XD
lizzieisanoob's avatar
babs is giving off that she-ra and the princesses of power vibe when catra went to the princess prom in season 1 episode 8
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Appleblossom Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Every one looks great!
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purplelion12Student Traditional Artist
they are so cute and pretty
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AmeliaNinjagogirlStudent Traditional Artist
ppgz XD Apple bloom is the new blossom! XDD
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FoxgarHobbyist Digital Artist
Ironic that Scootaloo is so dolled up. I would have expected something more like Babs is sporting, but I like it. 
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Amandaconda1Hobbyist General Artist
Love the PPGZ and She Ra Ref
lizzieisanoob's avatar
i know right those references were unexpected
Amandaconda1's avatar
Amandaconda1Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed ^-^
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Silver looks so cute in your style. I've always liked her,seems like a nice filly.  I think she was just mis directed because DT was so mean.
Stealsteelstill's avatar
They all look so fabulous...
And I love Diamond's hair and Silver's dress!
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BaileyBushesHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so beautiful! I love the nearly derp look on Sweetie Belle's face and her Asian inspired outfit with the near maid looking attire goes so well with her fashionista interests. Scootaloo's necklace suits her perfectly of course! And cute to see her a bit embarrassed about wearing a girly dress. Apple Bloom would be so bold haha, with her Blossom Powerpuff girl look, the little vest is the best accessory. Makes sense that Diamond Tiara would be the "sexiest." I really agree and absolutely adore Silver Spoon's dress! I feel she has the most appropriate and most beautiful style for the night, classy and stunning! Nothing much to have to say about Babs, that tomboyish look is only to fitting. 

LOVE THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! :happybounce: Meow :3 Love Clap Rage 
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wr0Professional Digital Artist
aww! they're so cute!! and that Gabby!! 
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 I guess, Gabby looks cute with Sweetie Belle?
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The level of detail is just amazing! Nice work!
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YEAH! I LIKE IT!When The Caffeine Kicks In  When The Caffeine Kicks In When The Caffeine Kicks In 
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Look at these cute little beans! They’re so sweet
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