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Helping Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon get back together. Nice.

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Sunset Shimmer: The Element of Redemption 
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Part of me wants to see Sunset become DT's big sister figure. That could be adorable.
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Sunset: Now...be good for me, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. And don't call me 'bacon hair', or show up with a fried egg sandwich, or you get your bums smacks, okay?

Diamond: I'll be good.
Silver: Okay, but on one condition, Diamond and I practice our lesbian kissing in private.
Diamond: Once we trust you, Sunset darling, we might invite you over for a practice kissing session.
Silver: In the meantime, shall we go to Mrs. Cake's/Pinkamena's Comedy Club for some cakes and coffee? I get to stir the coffee!
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
Louis on FF6 (Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon.):humanity's gonna bounce right back, you watch!
I'm On The Phone Dude (Ellis Left 4 Dead 2) (:iconsilverspoonsmileplz:):*chuckles*
Zoey - Left 4 Dead Emoticon (GIF My Little Pony - That's a wierd question):this is not going well...
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BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this a Team 7 reference?
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SarpZHobbyist Digital Artist
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Agamemnon69Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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It's sad that Silver Spoon disappeared after standing up Diamond Tiara and telling her how she felt about Diamond's treatment of her. Emotipony Tired
I want to see Diamond Tiara go find Silver Spoon and apologize, and maybe they could be friends (actual friends) again, officially. Emotipony Blush (Come on, DHX, you can do it!)
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Seconded! I wish we could see the now-reformed Diamond, and where things stand with her and Silver Spoon, and where they both stand with the CMC.

(Thing about Silver is this: she's considered 'the good one' because she's DT's second banana, but it's not like she didn't join in DT's heckling over the others - including Scootaloo over having a disability! - at every turn. SS telling DT off was a fun moment, but really, disliking it when DT treated her like they both treated others... to me it takes more than that to make you one of the good guys. We always thought SS would be the one to reform, but instead, DT does without her. And yet, she was the follower. So... who is Silver now without DT? Has she changed, can she change?)

So yeah. I get the feeling the show makers think they've completed DT and SS's story, though they haven't quite yet. C'mon, DHX guys. You gave Snails an episode, you can follow up on this!
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Chenyuxi2012Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fuck you shit japanese equestria girls artist.
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If you don't like just don't watch it, there's no reason to say something like this.
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Coldly-PainterStudent Digital Artist
fuck you hater,go fuck yourself
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BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're not any better with that kinda attitude. just block 'em and leave.
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Repairing a broken friendship. Good move Sunset. Good move.
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KCStylusProfessional Digital Artist
Peacekeeper, not a shipper. Ya nasties.
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Derpyfan99Hobbyist Digital Artist
sunset shipper! >~<
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pinklotte2005Student Artist
thats nice can i use for fan fic
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