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Princesses used Substitute!
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Absolutely genius

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What can we say? Even princesses need a spa day.
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Celestia and Luna both used Substitute! It was super effective!
I guess those life sized Plushies payedup nicely at the end. I'd love to have one of those plushies.
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It's not very effective...
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No pony will notice the difference!
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i want those plushies
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It was super effective! :D
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"Best idea ever, Luna."

"Well, you did dream it, Sister."
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Evidently those plushies didn't fool them too well.
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Lol! I wonder if they actually do this!
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Where'd the possum come from?
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The comics. 

MLP is in the Star Trek galaxy, confirmed! I mean, we all know that Discord is just Q post-Voyager.

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I'll go with that lol

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From the everfree forest Luna wanted a pet just like Celestia
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That was pretty clever and funny.
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Cute and funny :D
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How come the Luna doll has no wings?
You know, the cheap Chinese dolls aren't always correct. Just a manufacturing error, or a misunderstanding in the manufacturing plant

Risks of ordering toys online. ;P
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