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Starlight and Her Friends

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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the expressions - especially the one with Spike imitating Twilight at the bottom. :XD:
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I'm jealous of Starlight XD
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Starlight VS The Forces Of Friendship.
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Something I've noticed about Starlight's Group is they're a lot more interesting from an outside perspective and have more noteworthy flaws
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
They sure are a lot more interesting than Twilight's friends ^^
LadySolonna's avatar
let's see


FAILIURE AT MAGIC (or for the IR equivelent - failiure in life)


yeah, sounds like my in a nutshell
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Spike I think you should start running.
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MarcusPyKnightHobbyist General Artist
Their horns look particularly pointy.
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Someone's jealous XD
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ProRaindancerHobbyist Traditional Artist
nah, she's irked that spike's making twilight's crazy face
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, you may be right XD
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Starlight Glimmer: Princess of B-list side characters.
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Season 7: Wherein Starlight Is Endlessly Stapled To Infinitely More Interesting Characters
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spike tell starlight the way twilight act were be crazy but twilight not fond this funny. XD
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Lol, Twilight's expression. :D
AlkemyFreak's avatar
Starlight's really making progress on those friendship lessons!
ZeonCrisis0930's avatar
Loved the last bit with Starlight and Spike.

And a not so amused Twilight in the background.
Andreagunawan's avatar
starlight is the best!
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TessandraFaeProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, Spike is telling her about the time Twilight went nuts, creating problems to solve! Twily is so not amused.
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TechgearHobbyist Digital Artist
Run Spike run.
trecegato's avatar
why twilight is mad?
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ShadowHareHobbyist Digital Artist
Spike is imitating Twilight's panic looks (such as from Lesson Zero), and Twilight takes issue with being made fun of.
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