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Yona borrowed that book from "Twilight".
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Toshi-the-Panda-1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These kids are so cute, I just wish the show would focus a little bit more on them
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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely adorable and I love how you drew each of them. :love:
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Smolder's expression!
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on the last step she will say Awww man! Can you believe it. It was right there
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Yak is best pony.
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The1KingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it. We need more Ocellus
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ObeliskgirljohannyStudent Digital Artist
*sees the cover of the book, yona is reading*
(facepalm) oh criminy don't tell me.....
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BlueYoukaiHobbyist General Artist
I love how you gave the characters depth just by adding shadows to the show-accurate style. It looks perfect.
slayerfan45's avatar
Everyone loves a slinky! I gotta get a slinky! Slinky slinky, go slinky go!!!
BlueYoukai's avatar
BlueYoukaiHobbyist General Artist
Nah, it gets boring after a few days. |D
MarioAndSonicRocks's avatar
This adorable! I love Ocellus' and Smolder's expressions.Heart Love 
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AskGoverntaleStudent Traditional Artist
Could you put them in the world of Equestria Girls?
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Adorable. :)
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borrow the book from twilight.  almost think it an alternate cover for twilight series.  Just need a certain shinny vampire to go with Bella werewolf
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
ObeliskgirljohannyStudent Digital Artist
More like a jacobxnessie scenario.

don't go there.....
LightReading2's avatar
it walks down stairs
alone or in pairs
it makes a slinky sound
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nice gravity falls reference
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brunoprower500Student Artist
This is cute and awesome but... needs more pillows.
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moonbeam53Student Filmographer
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xRoxyDRAWZxStudent Digital Artist
Oh i know this
karkovice1's avatar
Silverstream: Look at how GRACEFULLY this toy goes down the stairs! What was it called again???

Smolder: SLINKY. Did it HAVE to be rainbow coloured, though!? I HATE rainbow coloured!

Yona: Yona LOVE Twilight book... ESPECIALLY bare chest of wolf!

Ocillus: I KNEW you'd like it! I wonder what the boys are doing now...

*On the school grounds*

Gallus: I've NEVER played baseball in the dark before. You sure this'll work?

Sandbar: Trust me, it's WAY more challenging... AND fun... Now, try to hit THIS one, if you CAN. *throw*


Gallus: WOW! I can't believe I HIT that, Sandbar!...... Sandbar???.......

noboda's avatar
This comment is funny! Also what happened to Sandbar?
karkovice1's avatar
Isn't it obvious!!? He got knocked out by the baseball Gallus hit right back at him. =P
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dksponge13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight fans and haters in a nutshell... 😁
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