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there very cute girls

Gee, I wonder what these girls are doing here in the first place?
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omg,  they're looking at me, I'm so excited!
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Hey-hey everyone look at i nice guy or maybe
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In my mind: I knew I should make a good first impression on my first say, but I wasn't expecting this.
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What do i have something on my face
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Why are all of you looking at me like that?
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It was my first day at Crystal Prep...and for some reason, nearly every one of my female peers had their eyes locked on me. 😳
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-Hendrick Drivers Wake Up-

Dale Jr: Is this retirement?

Jimmie Johnson: No it does not look like it.

Kasey Kahne: -No Emotion-

Chase Elliott: O_O

Jimmie Johnson: Chase? what are you even looking at?

Chase Elliott: Look up dude.

Jimmie Johnson: O_o. What the hel- Oh hi! (Who the hell are those girls?)

-To Be Continued...-
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this was nearly half a decade ago, I am as confused as you are.
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Why you all starin' at me?
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Maybe they would love ya
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They look like they've seen a tiny man
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I wanna see a drawing where the soles of Indigo Zap's shoes are shown so badly.
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Then visit Maze1000's DA page my friend
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What do they look like out of their uniforms?
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Nonononono. I mean in non-uniform clothes.
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