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Hey Pinkie, I would like a Whopper. Hold the Mayo, Extra pickles

Wow! I didn't know you could draw Pinkie Pie like that! But then again, Pinkie Pie does look wonderful as a skating server for a fast food restaurant.
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Pinkie pie: welcome to good burger! Home of the good burger! Can I take your order?!
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Coinky dink world!Pinkie pie EqG (drugs) plz Pinkie pie EqG (drugs) plz 
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Coinky-Dink World!
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Man, I've seen the diner Pinkie works at. It's almost like it never even left the 50s.
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There are theme diners like that around, especially in big malls.
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Where's the beef?
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Coinky Dink Worllllllllddddddddddddd 
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How do you predict these things? How did you know both Sunset's and Pinkie's jobs six months early?
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No, this is based on a Pinkie Pie toy in the Equestria Girls Minis range. The 'Summer Job' range has been out for about a year
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What's the video's name?
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Coinky-Dink World
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Pinkie Pie is best 1950's fast food girl even thought she has a microphone headset.
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Pinkie Pie, if you keep on doing that, you're going to lose your job.
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