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Tragicwarrior12New Deviant

Sunset is a woman/pony of mane-y skills.

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Toshi-the-Panda-1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Sunset Shimmer, the Horse Whisperer!

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gameoverlord23Hobbyist Traditional Artist

once a horse, always a horse.

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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
[BnHA S3 Emotes] Ochako Uraraka Spit THATS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
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I didn't know sunset had that situational skill.. :XD: :XD:
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Lol, that was funny.
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So adorable
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This new season of Bojack is seriously off-the-wall.
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BensaretProfessional Filmographer
It helps to be multi-lingual ;)
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PurpleAmestyHobbyist Photographer
She looks so badass in pijamas ridin a motorcycle
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Awwww, when it *really* comes in handy to really be a pony from an alternate dimension.
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Wow! Who ever thought that Sunset Shimmer could speak horse?
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*face hove*

She, is a PONY!!!

offcorse she can speak horse.

just as any current naton who use to be part of Jugoslavija, can speak any language from other nations which belonged to said Jugoslavija prior.

example: person from Slovenia can speak Croatian, and Serbian with little to no problems and vice versa.
NearlyEverythingFan's avatar
Oh. I get that people can learn languages other than their native ones, but from the example that you've given me? Mind blown!
LadySolonna's avatar
Sorry if I seem a bit angry typing that

It just gets old every time I hear someone be like: "how can Sunset speak horse?" When I know why and how.

People should instead be asking, how can Sunset and Twilight speak human.

Sunset do, again has lived longer in human world so I suppose she could have learn it naturally, but twilight?
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TurnedWhyteHobbyist General Artist
All it takes is a little push.
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RainbowlegosStudent Artist
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Midnite-WolfeStudent Artist
I love this a little too much...
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ShadowxKukikuHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Nicely done! Naruto Thumbs Up (Emoticon) ^_^
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Cute and sweet. Sonic 3D Blast - DERP 
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She a horse whisperer
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