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Simple and yet very effective

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This is the sweetest, most innocent, most uplifting thing I've seen this evening! Thank you! :aww: :heart:
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Now, that is precious. Simply precious.
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Some beautiful~~
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This is so adorable. To think that Pinkie will be so attracted to this fabulous thing :3
I think it should have been Fluttershy first...
...To think, that little butterfly will come back and lead an attack on Ponyville in a few weeks.

(You know it's gonna' happen.)
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And I was fucking right!
Although... I didn't expect it to mutate so... aggressively.

Holy crap.
(It's been almost two months since the 100th episode aired.)
(But... I saw it just yesterday!)
(It's almost as if I've been un-stuck from time!)

Great Scott!
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So...technically the butterfly won the staring contest?
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welp need to a coma now to much cute for one person.
the most precious things are those you'll miss if you blink. this is just precious, keep up the good work.
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Oh god that was adorable
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I'm with Pinkie; watching a butterfly crawl out of its cocoon has this awe-inspiring magic to it. The butterfly even reminds me of an Old World Swallowtail.
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That was so beautiful! And I really liked how A.J. resembled by old dog, when he was curious about anything new :-D
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