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what is dash doing?

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I don't get it.

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Great. Now We Just Need Starlight And Trixie As


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Are they wearing wigs? Or did I miss something...
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I need this on my wall. Now.
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Dat Sunset xD
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I have to remind myself human Luna's colors are reversed...for a second it didn't look like her XD
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Rarity: Oh they sound lovely.
Applejack: Well I'll be.
Twilight: Just like back home.
Fluttershy: My mom loves that song.
Pinkie: Mine too!
Sunset: They can sing?
Dashie: (doesn't give a f*ck)
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no Dashies trying to find a spot for them in the band.
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Why do I always get the replies with no sense of humor...
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Sorry... I was trying to continue the humor.
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Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for the place to go Where they play the right music, getting in the swing You come in to look for a king Anybody could be that guy Night is young and the music's high
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i feel the same way as  Bacon Hair
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I wish this happened in the movie
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Wait why is none of them asking how old the sisters are... ABBA was big in the 70's.... unless they grew up with parents who loved the band.... 
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ABBA is timeless.
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Everything from the 1950s through the 1980s (and maybe even the 1990s, but that's stretching it a little) is timeless.  Every band and musical group from that era pioneered entire genres of music, including Rock & Roll, Pop, Disco, and Metal, to name a few.

As a 24 year old, I prefer the music from that era over the music of today.  Whereas most people my age are more into artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Justin Bieber, I like to rock out to the tunes of Styx, Queen, Bon Jovi, The Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Beatles, plus many more.

That's not to say that all of today's music is bad.  In fact, there are some very good songs from today that I enjoy.  But the problem is it's all been done before.  Today's artists simply aren't pioneers.  They didn't really chart new territory like the bands I described above did.

Yes, they may have massive fanbases, multimillion dollar deals with major recording studios, and promotions up the wazoo, but it's really nothing we haven't heard before.  In many ways, they are riding on the coattails of their predecessors.  Today's artists will come and go; some will continue to stay relevant, others will fade into obscurity.

But the pioneers of the Rock & Roll, Pop, Disco, and Metal genres will continue to live on for generations to come.  And for that, we can be thankful.

To quote Steve Downes (voice of Master Chief and former radio DJ for 97.1 FM "The Drive"), "Rock on."
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Oh, mama mia, here we go again
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oh no! that doesn't look right...
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I fricking love Abba also lovely drawing
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yessss....Yesssss...YESSSSS! :D
Yay for ABBA! Also, cute RD counting the instruments. They are Celestia and Luna. They can do EVERYTHING! :)
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