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Roller Derby

Pinkie is super jammer!
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rw:you could just imagine the hilarity that would happen in this scene.^_^

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Pinkie, you can kill her you know

Judging by the look of Sunny Flares face, Pinkie gained an unfair advantage over her and she is clearly angry!!!

uotapo, Who are the ones on roller skates?
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Since you obviously haven't watched MLP, and Uotapo, as far as I know, doesn't respond to comments, let me let you know.

1. Lemon Zest

2. Sunny Flare

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Rarity

5. Babs Seed

In the crowd

6. Maud Pie

7. Apple Bloom

8. Scootaloo

9. Sweetie Belle
Sorry about that, I was getting to know some of the MLP characters as I was new to the fandom :)
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It's no problem! ^^
Where is Rainbow dash?
I have to do it... I just have to...
PENALTY on Jammer Pinkie Pie, contact above the shoulder. Lead Jammer status not gained.
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This looks really good and colorful:-)
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Louis on FF6 (|.Pinkie Pie:BEEP.|Eqg Legend Of Everfree Emote):INCOMING!!!
I'm On The Phone Dude (Ellis Left 4 Dead 2) (Emoticon - Rarity Reaction):MAN, DON'T STOP RUNNING!!!!!
Zoey - Left 4 Dead Emoticon (Babs Seed):go, go, go!
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Maud: ...I have cat ears...
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I guess pinkie pie is more of fan of how roller derby used to be played.
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Yeah, cause these days, the girls just elbow each other in the jugs.
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in the modern "derby" they hardly use all the elbow, also throw no punches, no fast paced skating, no creative blocking, take downs, and hits. That kind of contradict the action packed full contact concept that made roller derby interesting. And for flat track also degenerated to a almost no skating tactics game at this point. There is a reason live by "i only watch roller derby that plays entertaining full contact old school derby"
I love the Pinkie in this piece! 
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Oh, Pinkie Pie have been passed from Sunny Flare across from Sunny Flare's helmet by her head while the roller skating have started.XD
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I have to get some kitty ears for my derby helmet now!
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those are pony ears
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your anime style makes these pieces of art so intriuging and amazing.
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I've never seen Maud so happy xD
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