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Rocky Races

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*Throws a RED SHELL at them*
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LiamOB8Hobbyist Digital Artist
If MLP was on the Flintstones.
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I saw this on Depribooru and I had to add this to my favorites.Love 
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Wacky Racers!!!!!!! I'm LOVE THAT CARTOON!!!! IT'S A BIG CLASSIC!!!! GO double zero GO DESTARDLY GO MUTLEY!!!!
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MattX125Student General Artist
I love Wacky Racers!
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pinklotte2005Student Artist
human Maude add crackers
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Is this a Flintstone reference? :/
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LucyxKimiStudent General Artist
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SergeantPantherHobbyist Digital Artist
They should really run it with Flintstone energy. It's way more eco-friendly;P
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Starshine1464Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OK.Now you gotta do the rest.The Arkansas Chugabug,The Creepy Coupe,The Surplus Special,The BuzzWagon,On so on.
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And now here they are! 
The most daredevil group of preposterous ponies to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Pony Races.
Competing for the title of Equestria's Wackiest Racer!
 The carriages are approaching the starting line.
First, is Absolutely Astonishing driven by Fancypants
 Next, Fluttershy and Treehugger in the Bunny Wagon
 Maneuvering for position is The Canterlot Guard Special 
Right behind is The Cutie Mark Crusaders in their Bully-Proof Bomb
And there's the ingenious princess Twilight Sparkle in her Convert-a-Carriage 
Oh, and there's the lovely Miss Rarity. The fabulous filly of the gas pedal 
Next, we have the Boulder Mobile with the Pie sisters, Maud and Pinkie 
Lurching along is The Creepy Cucoon with the ChrysiPuff Twosome 
And right on their tail is Rainbow Dash.
And there's The Appleoosa Chugga-Bug with Applejack and Weeping Winnona
Sneaking along last, is that Mean Machine with that double-crossing do-badder Discord Dastardly and his sidekick, Smoozely
And even now they're up to some dirty trick.
And they're off! To a standing start and why not?
They got chained to a post by shifty Discord Dastardly!
Who shifts into the wrong gear.
And away they go! On the way out Wacky Pony Races!
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^This is awesome. X)
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Awesome !
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Why this!!! T_T
A solely Maud reference with the Flintstones would have been enough...
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LTRM35A2Hobbyist Digital Artist
And now THAT music is stuck in my head.

You all know the one....
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SwankyOrc01Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AlexDTIHobbyist Digital Artist
no, wacky race!
I mean, pony race
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God-Of-BBQHobbyist Writer
HA Flintstones!
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Slag Brothers from Wacky Races en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacky_Ra…
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Now, that's two mash up pictures of Wacky Races and MLP: FIM so far. There has to be more... MORE...
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