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You mix Jem and The Holograms with the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect and you'll get this awesome quartet. I would go their concert any time.

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Look's really great nice work.
Napasitart's avatar
who is girl near twilight?
YearlingXD's avatar
The red and yellow hair sunsetshimmer and the one with orange and yellow hair is Adagio and the one with the blue hair is trixi 
Sunset (Left), Or Adagio?(Right)
shoji9's avatar
Sunset or Adagio? Can't go wrong with either!
ArtGuruSauce's avatar
Reminds me of that pop iconica group from that one scooby doo movie
CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
If I were the mask I would sing with them and conquer them.
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I really like Sunset's heels, but Trixie's outfit is over kill to me though. 
sonicspeedster92's avatar
Agreed. Also, Sunset's hair. There are no words to describe how awesome that looks.
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Got a big Jem vibe on the image.
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can you draw my pony? shes name is rainbow diamond
LucyxKimi's avatar
Sunset's style is so awesome!!

They look all awesome, you're great!!
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If they formed a quartet...
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Where's Starlight Glimmer? Like...Honestly,,,That would be perfection! jk, I love it
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It would be a nice Trio
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OC1024's avatar
Four persons, three singers
So it's something in between a trio and a quartet.
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Music Mayhem, looks fun
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