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Pizza Vending Machine

By uotapo
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Reference --> [Let's Pizza] youtu.be/B4_C1BmT-R8
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Rainbow Dash run
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RW:I don't like the look on pinkies face all of a sudden😬;
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pizza time!
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dragolianxStudent Filmographer
Did no one watch Jimmy Neutron growing up?
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dragolianxStudent Filmographer
There's an episode where Jimmy makes an invention almost exactly like this, it ends up making evil Pizza
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i remember that episode, but this vending machine actually exists irl. this exact one in fact. a few cosmetic details are different but still.
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Petardo238Hobbyist Photographer
BLEAH! SKIFUS! I prefer the real italian pizza  = > ꞈ < =

P.S.: WAWAWA Pizza Steve   = ^ ☐ ^ =

P.P.S.: SUPERLOL Tsundere Pinkamena  = ★ ˽ ★ =
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Ali: Pinkie I gonna give you a straight answer, most people don’t like pie depending their likes. There’s your answer.
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LordOfTheFeathersHobbyist Digital Artist
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Well, Pinkie Pie isn't really happy about this! Wait, did anyone else notice that?
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I am all about this. 
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mechatrain150Student Traditional Artist
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And everything was great until you realize that the machine added pineapple.

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November-HasStudent Digital Artist
Are we gonna fight?
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
I'm sorry man, but I just can't get behind this. Just looking at it's bringing back horrific memories of that short period of my childhood in which I played the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

I.E. : "Whatever you are, MAKE ME A PIZZA!"

*Shudder* Geh.
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Pizza from a vending machine just sounds wrong.
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No pizza? I agree.
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From an 'upcoming' Equestria Girls special, "Wallflower Blooming" (working title). Wallflower Blush returns...as a good girl, but for now is doing 'rehab' and is spending time with the secondary characters. She gets to see Trixie and her band practice. In the side story, CHS now has a pizza vending machine installed and Rainbow has nearly creamed her panties looking forward to instant hot pizza!
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
Pizza time :D
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Omnifighter1Hobbyist General Artist

Uh, oh!  Pinkie, what are you doing back there?

And with deflated hair and a pie... RAINBOW!! RUN!!
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SinkCandyCentralStudent General Artist
Maybe it be pizza pie my dude
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