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How does Adagio wear her hair in that style?

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Me: *Takes out a gun* Get away from me I know how to use this shit

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I’M SORRY ADAGIO!!!! [bitch slap]

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Image by GalaScarltonNoCare



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god I wish that were me

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Me : gulp I am scared 🙁
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Me: *blushes* hey

Adagio: you can be my perfect boy toy

Me: um no thanks

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Haha! I am such a lucky guy!
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Me*looks at watch* "Oh would you look at the time"*Runs away*
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Garfield: That was... That was a close one!
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Not surprised she's looking right at me, actually...since sirens are usually depicted as female, and we men are easy prey for them. 😳
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*looks around confusedly, then points to myself* me? What d'ya want with me?
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Adagio:it doesn't matter who you hurts!

Me: PLZ!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! I WANT TO DESTROY THE WORLD WITH YOUUUU!!!Heart 3D uh...and could you plz lend me the number of Aria? Sonic Emoticon #5  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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Screw you, I'm taking off in my Fugu Z (custom Datsun 240z)
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Cuchi cuchi cu. Mommy wants his little man to do something for her. Cuchi cuchi cu.  
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Cloud Kicker kn the back is just enjoying the scene.
(The Life and Times of a Winning Pony)
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Lianna (My OC): *Takes her hand*
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Wow, she's gorgeous.
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Oh, Heath Burns' ablushing!!!!!
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