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Toshi-the-Panda-1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I don't really like motorcycles because the crazy speeds they go scares me, but I'd gladly ride one if Sunset was driving.

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infraturbopigcartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sunset Shimmer Motorsport
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really cool
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I may not be a guy but - you can ride this ride any day of the week sunset ;)
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
holy sh*t! she's in LSIA! (Los Santos International Airport)
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CartoonFanBoy1991Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love Sunset Shimmer to give me a Ride, any day. Also, she looks Hot in that Harley Davidson Catsuit.
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HelgaButtercupHobbyist Filmographer
how did you even draw this motorcycle ?!?
TigroSpottystripes's avatar
Looks like cell-shaded 3D; but maybe Uotapo is just that good.
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*jacks her for her motorcycle*
Level up, Sunny Side Up! X'D
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Sunset's looking good.
G0dZ1llaFaN8790Rob's avatar
Nick - Icon Well...... That worked out...... Beautiful..... Onodera Blushing Icon 
G14: Haru Surprised Blush Icon
Ghost Rider: Well..... That worked out nicely.
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LamiaStorm8Hobbyist Writer
Rrrrrrr! Her jumpsuit (and Friendship Games jacket and boots) are the exact same colors and style as Poe Dameron's x-wing from the Force Awakens! Someone is doing this on purpose just to scene with Star Wars fans.
But, um, yeah. Really good. And, as always, Sunset is sexy and gorgeous
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vamo a garchar
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Grab a handful...and hang on! ;-) 
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She looks like she could be on team Hot Wheels, or something. 
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StarbatHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow.  I love all the crisp details, right down to that obscure wire near the tailpipe of that motorbike.  Your attention to authenticity is impressive.  :)
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DB26MXHobbyist Photographer
CR-F! Clapping Pony Icon - Sunset Shimmer awesome!Dance! 
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BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks SO much better than in the friendship games xD
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SuperJordanBlastHobbyist Artist
Cake : She has nice butt *sees Lucy * um I mean nice art Sweating a little... 

Lucy : * grabs Cake by ear* in the colest u go!!

Poxy : You enjoying this as much as meh?

Jordan And FiFi : you bet!
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If you take a second to stare, it'll look more and more realistic
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starshimmer31Hobbyist Digital Artist
your so right
SomeKindofMonster666's avatar
Yeah. I'm always right. In fact, I think I'll run for President! Newman 4 prez!
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