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she do not want say she have a nightmare, she so stubborn

Wasn't expecting Jojo pose and bishi sparkle Snails.
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Trixie needs some hug, and maybe some form of therapy too.
HoppsAlive's avatar
Distressed (´ . .̫ . `)
foldabotZ's avatar
Trixie EqG (a great the power full trixie) plz "Not that Trixie wants you to... Baka!"
ThatOneGirlInFandoms's avatar
snails looks a lot like my crush omgArtimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering what is wrong with me XD 
Spartan-640's avatar
Panel #6 Snips and Snails look like they're straight outta Scott Pilgrim
R-gonz's avatar
Panels 1-4: Trixie at her most vulnerable.
Setakarn's avatar
Snails looks he-man xD
XTApocalypse's avatar
Sexy Snails is back
SarahGDo's avatar
He's been here before?
XTApocalypse's avatar
Uotapo has drawn him a few times, always uncharacteristically good-looking.
blackburn91's avatar
I Would Never Leave Trixie
jshepard19's avatar
What was Blush and Lace saying?
brony6666's avatar
This might be rly late but Trixie really like snails if he's like in the second panel
R-gonz's avatar
Lonely Trixie is lonely.
L1ghtningRider's avatar
She so Tsundere, it hurts.
LucyxKimi's avatar
I never thought that Snails was so handsome
Phaedrolous's avatar
I forget.  Who are the other girls here?
SugarSketch's avatar
The other girls are Trixie's backup vocal girls from Rainbow Rocks.
Phaedrolous's avatar
That answer is a tad incomplete.
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Fuschia Blush and Lavender Lace.
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