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I love your work, and these inverses are just too cute for words
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with this the Spike and Rarity ship does work
AskGoverntale's avatar
Spike's still a dog in this world.
kyurem2424's avatar
I know but in the ponyverse i mean, if the age reversal is there as well
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
wait somethings not right here.
RadioactivePotato123's avatar
What’s not right about it ?
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
-_- it’s a joke nimrod
RadioactivePotato123's avatar
Hey no need to be rude:( (Sad) 
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
Nimrod should BARELY classify as rude
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Aww, little Rarity looks so cute :) And adult Sweetie Belle looks hot!
JuliaTheCrazyPerson's avatar
oml the opposite roles lol
goldorakx69's avatar
nice to see sweetie bell to be the big sister. nice very nice XD
Kyoshyu's avatar
That would also be cute. :)
SNAD10's avatar
Rarity is that kid who has a more mature demeanour than most adults. :D
KingXanaduu's avatar
This is actually a great idea for an AU.   I wonder what their relationship would be like now that Sweetie Belle is the older sibling?  How would this affect Rarity's goal of becoming a fashionista? :3
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Wow, Sweetiebelle looks like she'll grow up to be gorgeous woman.
jyroman53's avatar
Holeh shet ! Tini rarity is soooo cute ! And still FABULOUS !
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