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Ice Cream Tower

PheNOMNOMenon Ice Cream Van

Referenced in IDW Comics "Friends Forever #12"
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Maud: Don't tell Derpy, but she has nice legs for a blonde who can't get muffins. Hmmm, I'll give her some of my money for some muffins. Oh and Pinkie, we could have some practice kissing later on.

Pinkie: (whispers) Incest, Maudalina? (quiet squee) I'd like that, but for now, finish your ice, Rock Diamond Princess, while I have my tall gelato and cheerfully eat it. Oh and I'm insured, so take me to the dentist afterwards. This party princess Pie Sistah needs to keep her teeth healthy.

Maud: For my sis, anything. Plus, I want to do this lesbian kissing stuff too. (to Derpy) Here, sexy Muffin Princess!

*tosses Derpy some money which she pockets*

Maud: Go treat yourself to some muffins, okay?
Derpy: Okay, girlfriend! (blows kiss to Maud) Wow, I just got some muffin money from the 'Third Member Of Daft Punk'.

Maud: Derpy's a nice lass, but thinks I'm a new member of a French electronic music group.
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Well, I wrote a short script to go with this picture. Here's a few talking points to go with it:

1. Maud gives Derpy some of her money so she can buy some muffins.
2. There may be a rumour that Maud Pie might be a third member of Daft Punk (a rumour that may have been spread by Vinyl Scratch).
3. Maud may have installed a music studio at her place so she can record sell some of her rock poetry readings online and on CD. Vinyl got permission to sample a few words and use them in a song.
4. Maud got some voice changing equipment in the mail. That could be a story idea for my next Equestria Girls short fanfiction.
5. Pinkie might be into secret incest with her sister.
6. "Rock Diamond Princess" might be a possible pet name for Maud, since her cutie mark's a diamond shaped rock.
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And Maud is straight up eating ice.
NicLove's avatar
What is Derpy doing ?
HisBestFantasyEverXD's avatar
Asking for ice cream.
Her desperate expression and the nervous faces on the ice vendors tell me they are out of ice cream... and ice.
Poor Derpy. She is thirsty.
akane33's avatar
Maybe Pinkie will share with Derpy 5 scoops each
Gugnugl's avatar
My first thought: derpy is asking for Muffins :)
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coach (Pinkie pie EqG (replace hair styles) plz):i'll find a 'burger tank' in this place, i'm a be a one-man cheeseburger apocalypse!
rochelle (maud pie EqG (boulder is hungry) plz):*chuckles*
Left 4 Dead 2 - Nick E3 Trailer Icon (Derpy Hooves EqG (angry) plz): OH, COME ON!!
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Those ice cream balls look a lot like the ones that were on Pokémon Dream World.
mlp-lavender-moon's avatar
Maud just eating ice of course XD
HisPurpleness's avatar
I'm sure Pinkie will part with some of her share when she sees Derpy. She's that kind of pony.
Sharing is Caring. :D
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bad pinkie! You have brought sadness to another!
OkamiJubei's avatar
Wonder Maud is amused even though she's unexpressive with her emotions.
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
god damn it, maud! rock candies?
Chenyuxi2012's avatar
Fuck you shit japanese equestria girls artist.
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
we got the master of racism here!
Fantasygerard2000's avatar
If you hate this this, then why are you here in the first place?
HisBestFantasyEverXD's avatar
And the hater is gone. Good! *seeing the name grayed out and striked*

Really, why are they even come here!? Let artists be themselves.
Fantasygerard2000's avatar
Yeah, based on precious comments, this guy is harassing Uotapo to stop making EqG art and make Love Live art.
RiaRiiRii2's avatar
fuck you hater,go fuck yourself
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