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Reference --- My Little Pony : Friends Forever #7
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Giv moi da smasha an' sho u wut 2 aculy smash!

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She maybe just hates watermelon seeds every time stucking in her throat.
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Whoa... It appears Celestia has canine teeth like us humans. O_o
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I too, hate watermelon.
Perplash's avatar
Too me this look's funny.
Deer-Hunter01's avatar
Doing the Gallagherskit, eh?
MrYingYangDreamer's avatar
Watermelon???? SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
BunnzieBungo's avatar
'Damn, Celestia! You scary!'
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Yeah, i'd be scared sh:iconcensoredplz:tless too... Actually, I am.
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Just to be sure... you do know the comic was making a Gallagher reference, right? The watermelon smashing wasn't random?
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I also hate watermelon... i cant digest it... if i eat it i throw up after a hour or faster... i realy do hate the taste...
judefaustine's avatar
why princess WHY!? SOB;(NOOOO sobbing - crying Crying Sobs...
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
I see the fangs in Tia's mouth...and I also see that she has been to at least twelve Gallagher shows, being she's smashing watermelons with the Sledge-O-Matic
I think Luna's been traumatized for life...
KatieTheCat-1222's avatar
She doesn't like melons..Melon 
Tia, what is wrong with you? D:
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Ever had a reason to roll on floor laughing AND be slightly scared at the SAME TIME?
sick meme friendo, its lolsorandum XDXDXDXDXDXDPixel pepe 3 
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