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"Don't worry Twlight, I got you."

"Thanks Sunset. Hmmm, do we both have sexy legs?"

"We sure do, Twilight."

(Rarity's Hammock)

"When I wake up, I, Rarity, will be a beautiful winged fashionista hottie. Just you wait, darling, I will be more pretty and sexier than ever before."

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Didn't take you for having a Foot Fetish
So just because this person can draw feet well, the artist has a fetish? Odd assumption.
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Exactly, and I do have a foot fetish, yet I can't draw for diddly.

Hey, this image doesn't look bad at all.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I never said it did.

"yet I can't draw for diddly"

But the image looks good to me. Seems like you drew well.

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I didn't draw it, I'm just saying that his assertion that people with foot fetishes are good at drawing feet is flawed in part because I have a foot fetish, yet I can't draw.


Well, who drew it?

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Such pretty feet. Love 
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Yeah. Like the girls they're attached to.
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You're not wrong. :D

AJ seems really relaxed back there.
Poor rarity what happens? And sunset just thinks this is all just too funny.
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"I got you Twily, I got you."
"Thank goddess...I mean..thanks Sunset. Does that mean we can date soon?"
"We will, Twilight. We're gonna have a lot of fun. BTW, if you can, Photo Finish is making a new EP with her friends Pixel Pizzaz and Violet Blurr. Photo wants you to help with the mixdown of the tracks, since she's normally a photo expert and a good musician. Maybe you could help."
I hate to be that guy but....nice feet....
Don't worry, you're not alone! 
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Heh, damn right he's not. :D

XD Poor Rarity.
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Rarity is stuck.
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Rarity, how did you get stuck like that? Still, love the bond between Twi and Sunset.
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