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So frickin'adorable!! 🥰🥰

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That is funny! But we all do embarrassing stuff.

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I cannot stop laughing at this😂 it’s so adorable, and currently my #1 favorite deviation I have saved! I dunno, there’s just something so endearing about her dancing in her big sissy’s clothes, and then just the little socks and her shirt. Ugh, this one hits me with an explosion of cuteness every time.🤣

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Hey we all do embrassing things when we think we’re not alone

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All that's missing are cell phone pics. That and where's AB's tv dinner? Don't tell me Sweetie and Scoots get to eat but she doesn't?

Also, much is being made of AJ returning fast, but what if AB took a Spike-style bubble bath? We can't be certain.
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Must have been a mannequin leaving with Big Mac XD
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Poor Apple Bloom didn't feel embarrassed until Applejack and the other two CMC members couldn't hold back the laughter near the end. Oh well, at least Applejack wasn't mad at Apple Bloom for coming in her room and wearing her clothes. 
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Aw, that's so nice. AB is trying to be like her sister only to humiliate herself in front of her AND her friends. It's like when your guilty pleasure is seen by everyone you know. Love it! 10/10 in the comedy!
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Would it be weird if I thought robbers were gonna break in and she would set up traps to keep them out???
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The muffler on the truck is sideways it should be rotated 90 degrees left or right so that it sits flat. Just a tip for if you do another picture with a car or truck!
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Don't worry, Apple Bloom. Whether we admit it or not, we've been there before. :)
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That red truck looks like the Chevy S10
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i was giving myself a pep-talk before school and my mum walks in and... This comic says it.Asriel wtf 
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Poor Applebloom
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