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fixed: Twilight's health meter indicating. red --> green
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Lemon Zest looks so adorable looking bored.

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I love how that one student has a pip-boy!
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I love this little reference to fallout.
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
why is Her head only 75%?
rexthebest2233's avatar
because the head most of the time has a lower chance to hit than any other limb in vats (i think you mean 72%)
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well i like this comic but i have a few problems with it 

1. when sunny flare uses the pip-boy the world dosent freeze (unless it did for that panel only)

2. sunny flare has a fallout 4 pip-boy but uses the fallout 3 v.a.t.s. 

3. why does the hp have a few missing and what weapon did they have because if they had no weapon then there should be a blank space for the ammo and the condition

4. why does twilight have missing health too
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to sower sweat in pannel 1: let me guess, it's no fun being the best graded student when there is no competition?
Crosswire40's avatar
Wow. Did you actually draw out that Fallout overlay? It looks perfect! Could you tell me how you did it? I've always had trouble replicating stuff like that. 
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:musicnote: i love those dear hearts and gentle people who live and love in my home town....:musicnote: 
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Ekkk whats happening?!?!
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This is funny.
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I thought it was cool that you gave Sunny a Pip-Boy. In my head canon, Sunny Flare (Or Flair in my HC), she is a bit of a Fallout fan.
Drawer450's avatar
I can agree with that. I love fallout.
hero1211's avatar
now she knows how she felt when she got there
XYZDreadnought's avatar
Hmm, she has one health bar missing... must have stubbed her toe.
fireice20031's avatar
what a sweet thing to see
Towers-of-Obscure's avatar
Funny. In my version, the Shadowbolts forgive Sunset, but not Adagio. The rest of the Dazzlings do, but not her. Until she was defeated by Daydream Shimmer, that is.
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Hahaha it is so funny ^^ the girls did not notice that Twilight was not wearING her glassses and her clothes were not thé same hehehe ^^
You very well draws them all :)
HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
That's how I find any of the wandering characters in Fallout. Just turn on VATS.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
A: Loving the pip-boy.
B: What did Sunset Shimmer mean when she said " I think you got the wrong person."?
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