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FFPC Sports Segment #2 Bon Bon

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Over the little bridge, past the gate and in the hole!
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AlexArgentinHobbyist Artist
I love Mystery Mint xD
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Mario Golf DLC
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WolfyWoods-17Hobbyist Artist
I could make a base ?? :D 
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Damn she looks sexy! (Not original but its true lol)
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Legacy-GalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
And Sunny Flare's all like "WTF".
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bellablossomyoutubeHobbyist Digital Artist
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And Sweetie Drops lands her 18th hole-in-one, and Golfing goes to Canterlot High!
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Like "pokemon" style
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Hmmmmm... I wonder what the hole conditions were for her to use an Iron club instead of the Driver club......
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It doesn't look like she is wearing anything under those pants.
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With moon dancer to pick her jaw from the ground as to where bon-bon had launched a golf ball as those wonder if they were to point out major camel toe in bon-bon's pants.

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PhoenixfirexHobbyist Digital Artist
HOMERU- Whoops... Wrong game... ^^;
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ChannahK15Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm gonna take a guess right now....the ball is still on the tee isn't it?  :P (Lick)
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Bonbon: *grunt*
-Whoa! What a shot!
B: Thanks!
-But I think it's going to hit principal Celestia's car.
B: What?
-Right in the windshield. Wait! Oh. It's not so bad.
B: What's not bad about this!
-It's Luna's car you hit.
B: Oh. Hey! Wait a second! She is going to be furious!
B: Uh...
-Here's your calling for...
Bonbon was using her phone.
-What are you doing?
B: Looking for a windshield repair shop. Duh.

Awesome work
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As those were to use a head cannon when bon-bon was to launch a golf ball when moon dancer was to watch were the golf ball landed when moon dancer wonders if it wasn't that bad when she thinks the ball was to land on principal celesta's car when the sound of shattering glass was heard as it went through the windshield when it was bad when Luna's car was hit as she was to be furious when she called for bon-bon and moon dancer as those wonder if bon-bon was using her smartphone to search for a glass repair shop to have a new windshield for Luna's car on order.

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In any case a windshield will be replace, one student may end paying for the repair and one hidden student named Lyra was laughing in a near bush.
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This shall be my headcanon for this piece. Bon Bon isn't using a driver, so it's not like she absolutely crushed it or anything. Bon Bon doesn't look happy, so it's probably not that she just shot a hole in one. So there's got to be some other reason Twilight's gaping.
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Glad to hear that. Yes, Bonbon is using a iron. But, that's not Twilight. Twi's coat/skin is purple.
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Eh, whatever. Her caddy then. Looks close enough to Twilight to me, but then I'm colorblind.
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I don't even know myself who it is.
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