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FFPC Cosplay Segment #8 CMC

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Adagio Dazzle: -tears of joy with other Dazzlings- this touches my heart...

Aria Blaze: yes... it does...

Sonata Dusk: I havent been this blessed since I ate my first triple taco supreme

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Aww...The cmc's are adorable!

So cute to see my favorite crusader cosplaying as my favorite siren!

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In your every deviation of FFPC Cosplay Competition I found it most interesting

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Ah, I remember this. This series of images inspired a story I read a while back.
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this is still adorable!
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cosplaying as the Dazzlings?
yeeeeeaaaaah.... i don't think Adagio's gonna like this
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On the contrary - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'd be more worried about the Dazzlings giving the CMC pointers. On anything.
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the siren is mad very mad.....but sonata fond this funny.....well sonata is not smart and i feel bad for her
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I think the cmcs win by a mile. It's so cute and a clever group costume  concept 
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So many ways to be wicked.
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Yep! Now I've got that chorus line playing in my head again!
You excited for its release?
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Yeah! I just hope I can finish my books before then. Your talking about Descendants 2, right? 
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decendants fans!
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that's cool how their necklaces are their cutie marks 
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oh noes now thire evils The Sound Of...... !

(sorry for bad grammar its on purpose)
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