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FFPC Cosplay Segment #8 CMC

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*Takes place during the blooper reel/extras/behind the scenes antics

Sonata: Awww, they look so adorable

Aria: I won't argue with that

Adagio: They look rather fabulous cosplaying as us.

Pinkie Pie: Oh my goodness, cuteness overload! 😁

Applejack: Dawww 😁 How cute.

Rarity: Oh my goodness, Sweetie Belle looks so adorable dressed as you Sonata! 😁

Sonata: Hehe, I know 😁

Rainbow: I'll admit, I'm not surprised Scootaloo chose you Aria, I mean we do hang out a lot off camera, hehe

Aria: Hehe, I know, Scoots does look adorable cosplaying as me, I'll admit.

Rainbow: I mean you were Scoots babysitter when she was younger, and she did have a tiny crush on you at one point.

Scootaloo: Rainbow! *blushing in embarrassment* 😳😨😡

*Both Aria and Rainbow snicker and giggle*

Aria: *Still giggling a bit* Don't worry about it, squirt, I will say though you do look quite adorable, hehe *pats Scootaloo on the head*

Scootaloo: *Still blushing in embarrassment* I'm gonna get you back for that one of these days, Rainbow. 😏

Rainbow: We'll see about that, squirt. 😏